SXSWfm Local Artist: The Rocketboys

Written by Dempsey Jones | Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013

Former SXSW Showcasing Artist The Rocketboys

Austin-based indie rock band The Rocketboys released their third full-length album, Build Anyway, in June of 2012. After their first two full-length albums, and a complete band split, The Rocketboys continued with more heart and inspiration than before.

As a young high schooler in Abilene, Texas, I remember seeing The Rocketboys when they were Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys playing at local coffee shops in town. I loved them and all they represented for a small town like Abilene. As their talents strengthened and their dreams developed, The Rocketboys took themselves to Austin to pursue more opportunities.

With the Chicagoist referring to them as having "a sound as expansive as the open road and lyrics deep as a Southwest sunrise," there is no question that The Rocketboys have formed into a powerful group driven by a difficult situation.

Touring this summer with Relient K and The Almost, The Rocketboys will be making their way around the US. Listen to them here on SXSWfm!

Photo Courtesy of The Rocketboys