Music Videos

Holy Esque - "Inclusion": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Holy Esque are a 4 piece from Glasgow. After forming in March 2011 and posting a few demos online, word spread rapidly about the enigmatic band's intense sonic morass of distortion and atmospheric soundscapes, landing them coverage on numerous blogs including NME's prestigious 'Radar'. Holy Esque are armed with big riffs, thick crunchy bass lines and perhaps the most unique, yearning vocals ever heard.

Akina Adderly & The Vintage Playboys - "Say Yes": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys is an Austin soul band whose unique sound blends elements of rock, funk, and old-school R&B. Front woman, vocalist, songwriter and band leader Akina Adderley lights up the stage as 'the little woman with the big voice.' Her powerful presence is irresistible, and KUT 90.5FM declared her "phenomenal vocals call to mind the sounds of classic soul and R&B." Granddaughter of jazz trumpeter Nat Adderley, grandniece of jazz saxophonist "Cannonball" Adderley, and daughter of Nat Adderley, Jr.

Hayden - "Carried Away": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Having spent nearly two decades creating uniquely affecting music defined by deep personal sentiment and attracting listeners across musical genres, Hayden now signs to Arts & Crafts for the release of his seventh full-length record, Us Alone. Joining Arts & Crafts marks a new beginning for Hayden, who was inspired to return to writing and take things more seriously after being informed by a fan that his Wikipedia page listed him as deceased.

Ancestor - "Vlad The Impaler": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

ANCESTOR es una banda de Black Metal de Cuba. Formados el 3 de febrero del año 2005, en La Habana por el bajista Joel Kaos junto al guitarrista Luis Dakkar, la alineación original quedaría completada meses mas tarde por Yasser Oppressor (vocal) y Andri Soulreaper (drums). “In Absence of Light”, su primer demo se comienza a grabar a finales de 2005 con una favorable calidad de sonido, presenta las primeras canciones compuestas por la banda, ofreciendo un black metal extremo y a la vez melódico con fuertes influencias de thrash metal.

Pink Dollaz - "Bad Bitch": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Pink Dollaz hails from Inglewood, California. Comprised of teen rappers Nilla, Cammy B, Cee Cee and Reese, they are on a mission to prove that female MC’s can make music just as good as males. The group is inspired by music icons 2pac, Biggie Smalls, Lauren Hill, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, TLC, Erica Badu, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, all pioneering West Coast MC’s, and the late great Michael Jackson. With their creativity and talent, they seek to dominate hip-hop.