Content from 2013

Hussle Club - "Children of the Underground": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

"Hussle Club is for everyone on this same path, people that devote their lives and make sacrifices in order to live life as they wish and use their talent to defy the 'system' by living a life that is non-conventional and coming out on top. It's for the artists, the painters, the dj's, the musicians, the rappers, the pushers, the graffiti writers, etc. Hussle Club is for everyone and I'm just supplying the soundtrack." - Prince Terrence

MC Lars - "Flow Like Poe": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

MC Lars wrote his first rap song when he was 16, a hip-hop take on William Shakespeare's Macbeth called "Rapbeth". Little did he know, he would later be able to turn this into a career writing rap songs about books. After graduating from Stanford University in 2005 with his BA in English, Lars toured extensively with his punk backing band and released four full-length albums, three EPs and one b-sides compilation. He has collaborated with "Weird Al" Yankovic, Ian MacKaye and KRS-One and has opened for hip-hop legends Nas and Snoop Dogg.

HOODSTAR CHANTZ - "Head To The Sky": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

“I don’t sound like anybody; I sound like HoodStar Chantz” Hailing out of Fifth Ward area in Houston,Tx HoodStar Chantz is an artist determined not only to be the next best thing out of Texas but in music period. With a real passion for rhyming since spitting his first hot sixteen during an elementary school pep rally, Chantz’s versatility as an MC has led him to open for today’s most popular artists including Bun B of UGK and Travis Porter.

Scorpion Child - "Polygon Of Eyes": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Trends in music are cyclical. Every few years something comes along that borrows just enough from the past to make the new exciting again. Scorpion Child produce a sound that hearkens back to when guitar rock ruled the airwaves and made going to a concert the ultimate main event. The five-piece hail from Austin, Texas where they’ve spent the last few years perfecting both their songwriting and stage presence. The outfit features Chris Cowart and David Finner layering high-energy twin-guitars over the band’s pounding rhythms discharged by Shaun Avants (bass) and Shawn Alvear (drums).

Chelle Rose - "Rufus Morgan": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Chelle Rose is a native East Tennessean who resides in Nashville. She recorded \'Ghost of Browder Holler\' in Austin, Texas with Ray Wylie Hubbard at the helm. The critically acclaimed album was released on Lil\' Damsel Records May 1, 2012. “Chelle Rose is an artist willing to peel back the bark and lay bare the raw torn poetry of her East Tennessee amaranthine soul; and this record is McQueen jumping a motorcycle over a barbed wire fence in the great escape blackout fever in the funk house believe me rock or die cool.” -Ray Wylie Hubbard

Naia Kete - "Crazy Glue": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Naia Kete, is a neo-soulful reggae pop artist whose music is a personal, emotional and political soul-trip. A mix of musical styles that is grounded, articulate and emotive. Her unique sound and compelling songs would fit right alongside a radio playlist of Adele's "Rolling in The Deep," Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" and John Legend's "Ordinary People." In April of this year Rolling Stone called her an "earthy soulstress...her dynamic vocal sound and smile are magic"

The Dunwells "Promo": SXSW Showcasing Artist

The Dunwells: two brothers, two cousins, and a best mate, debuted their unique trademark sound that blends Celtic and American folk, rock, blues, pop and soul, on BLIND SIGHTED FAITH released in August 2012 on Playing In Traffic Records/Concord Music Group. The 11-track collection was produced by nine-time-Grammy-winner John Porter (The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Ryan Adams), and recorded during the summer of 2011 at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Austin, TX, and Analogue Studios in West Yorkshire, England.

Blaudzun - "Elephants": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Critics consider him one of the best kept secrets in European indie pop. But that won't be for too long. Holland based singersongwriter Blaudzun will make his debut in the US. Set for release in January 2013, Heavy Flowers (Krian Music Group/V2 Benelux) is Blaudzun's most dynamic LP to date, in which his remarkable voice, haunting melodies and dramatic string arrangements coincides with a love for folk and art rock. With this third collection of songs Blaudzun again surpasses his previous work. Blaudzun made his US live debut at CMJ Music Marathon in New York (October 2012)

Inter Arma - "Sky Burial": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Formed in 2006, Inter Arma is one of the most talked about heavy bands to come out of Richmond, VA . The group (consisting of T.J. Childers - Drums, Steven Russell - Guitars, Trey Dalton - Guitars, Mike Paparo - Vocals, Joe Kerkes - Bass) formed in 2006 and released their crushing debut full-length Sundown via Forcefield Records in 2010 to much critical acclaim. Combining a punk rock ethos with an esoteric blend of psychedelia, black metal, and doom/sludge, the quintet quickly developed a name for themselves in the underground through relentless touring and mesmerizing live performances.