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Satchel Grande - "Put Up A Fuss": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Though they’re from Omaha, Nebraska, Satchel Grande sounds like they’ve lived the majority of their lives on Mars, or The Mighty Boosh’s Old Gregg’s lair. Yes, Satchel Grande has an electronic sound that’s more Breakbot than Daft Punk. They could be the perfect gateway band for those listeners looking to traverse the realm of ’70 disco-inspired dance music to taste generously reined-in funk. Consider them the toe you dip hesitantly into the hot tub of dance-funk.

Royal Canoe - "Hold On To The Metal": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Royal Canoe is a group of musicians on a mission to construct ambitious, inventive music. The songs are thick with catchiness, rich in rhythm and are consistently pushing against the boundaries of pop music. They spend almost every day in a shit-hole rehearsal space writing hooks, singing through effects pedals, scrawling lyrics on scraps of paper, and constructing heavy beats in odd time signatures. They create samples by running conventional sounds through unconventional pieces of gear, drumming on bathtubs and garbage cans, listening to Big Boi and manipulating bits of old records.

Residual Kid - "Friend": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

The Austin band Residual Kid consisting of members Max Redman (12), Ben Redman (14), and Deven Ivy (14) have quickly made a name for themselves in the few years that they have been penetrating the local Austin music scene with their unbridled style of rock that pushes the envelope of inspiring and awe. A band of a combined age that equals the single age of most seasoned professionals in the scene, Residual Kid are setting the new standard for rock. It's heavy, it's grungy, it's punk, it's honest, and a whole lot of fun.

Rayland Baxter - "Drive Away Melody": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment that songs are born, the day casual hummers become singers or scribblers become songwriters. Rayland Baxter certainly can’t, and he wouldn’t want to. Though he grew up in Nashville to the sounds of his father’s pedal steel, he didn’t dream of being a rock star. He loved music, of course, but he liked other things, too: being outside, playing sports, working at the bait shop to make spare change.

Ray C feat. Risky Boi - "Got Damn": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Ray C , a native of San Antonio, recently graduated from Texas State University where he began his career as an underground hip-hop artist. He earned a name for himself from features on various mixtapes, as well as his shows and freestyle battles. In 2010, Ray C was featured as a top 8 finalist on BET 106 & Park: Freestyle Friday. He was also featured on the BET show “The Deal” and has opened for numerous big name artists over the last year. Most recently, Ray C appeared on the latest Blue October album “Any Man In America” guest appearing on the title track.

Pyyramids - "Dont Go" - SXSW Showcasing Artist

PYYRAMIDS is the dark and mysterious union of two beautifully creative minds joined together from great distance. Improbably comprised of Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith – he from the indie rock band OK Go, she from the electro-pop outfit He Say/She Say – the duo initially bonded over an affinity for first-wave British post-punk and 80’s Manchester bands. “We were an unlikely combination, and that seemed like reason enough to try it,” Nordwind explains.

Pretty Little Demons - "Daisy": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Pretty Little Demons is what happens when two seasoned pros get together to form a band. The girls met at School of Rock North Hollywood during a 2012 spring break camp. 11yo Lydia Night(Dead Man's Bones) had been singing, songwriting and playing guitar for 6 years. Marlhy Murphy(We're Not Dudes, Zeppos) was already one of the best young drummers in the country at just 9.