Content from 2013

Jessie Frye - "Like A Light": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

\"...the thing that sets Jessie apart from the gazillions of female singers out there is she’s just uncandidly raw with her music and lyrics, and when you add in her captivating stage presence it’s hard not to be impressed by her and her work.\" -Daybowbow.net Jessie Frye formed her band in early 2009 after recieving an official invitation to play South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

J NICS - "Smoke In The Wind": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

J NICS (Born Justin Nicholas) was birthed in the heart of Miami at North Shore Hospital. He grew up bouncing around throughout different parts of Miami via Carol City, Liberty City, Norland (Uptown Dade), and Little Haiti. Living in a single parent household, he maintained a very distant relationship with his biological father. His stepfather ended up going to prison when he was growing up so his mother was forced to be absent from home, working in order to provide for her 3 children.

Ivan and the Parazol - "Take My Hand": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Ivan & The Parazol is a Hungarian rock’n’roll band. Formed in 2010, the group consists of five members. Their 21. century beat music incorporates influences from the the 60’s-70’s new wave genres. The garage rock band’s first hit “Take My Hand”, was a chart success for months on MR 2 Petőfi Radio, and reached No. 1. Foreign music blogs have caught their name, and the song has been played on radio stations abroad. After 3 music videos and an EP, their debut album „Mama don’t you rtecognize Ivan & The

Islet - "We Shall Visit": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Islet are an experimental and psychedelic group from Wales with a vision of limitless possibilities through the simple joy of exploration. Their explosive live performances are marked by the refusal to stand still, rotating between instruments, fluctuating from blistering to gentle and always fizzing with sheer enjoyment that comes through making music. A set may start out with ghostly choirs and wisp-on-the-wind vocals, skip through noise rock and end up ferocious post-punk. Or they may beguile onlookers with ritualistic chants, meandering into the crowd.

Humans - "Possession": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Presently situated at the heart of the East Vancouver's creative breeding ground, Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq come from Nelson, BC and Montreal with distinct perspectives. Outside of music, Slade utilizes his communications degree from UBC in the Bass Coast Festival's marketing department. When Ricq's not making music, he is a producer, designer, writer and director for animated children's TV shows with worldwide distribution. He's also an illustrative visual artist.

Intergalactic Lovers - "Fade Away": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Intergalactic Lovers are Belgians with a nose for stunning pop music. Their debut 'Greetings & Salutations' received unanimous high praise from both press and public earlier this year and the singles 'Fade Away', 'Delay', 'Shewolf' and 'Howl' were all radio hits. Their mix of melodious - sometimes intimate other times adventurous - pop music, together with the unique voice of singer Lara Chedraoui, enchants both young and old.