Content from 2013

Mike and the Moonpies - "Sunday": 2013 Showcasing Artist

Mike and the Moonpies are a prime example that classic country is still going strong in 2012. Their regular appearances at Austin’s White Horse are already legendary, and they have quite a cultural melting pot (no pun intended) at their shows. Suffice it to say, if Austin’s famous ‘70s live music venue, the Armadillo World Headquarters, was still around, they’d fit right in. No matter where you catch Mike and the Moonpies, they make any joint feel like a good ol’ Texas honky-tonk. Just make sure you come ready to dance!\' ~Stewart Ramser (Texas Music Magazine).

Mompox - "Perfect Service": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Mompox began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the summer of 2008 with an objective in mind: to create a band of several singer-songwriters in which 50\'s American pop and 60\'s psychedelic rock can be mixed together with modern sound experimentation. In the summer of 2009, they began to record their first album in various studios of Buenos Aires (Panda, El Pie, Mandarina) with the participation of over twenty guest musicians. \"Mompox & The Big Umbrella\" is released in January 2010 independently.

Mood RIngs - "Converse Ready. Set. Get Lost": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Forming (ca. 2009) from mists of solid-state polished chrome out of cavity closets, Mood Rings fought against the constraints of modern/shit desk programs to create a new name for themselves in the basements and damp sections of Atlanta. Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter Will Fussell stands, outlined in brick and neon, whispering faded tones into the busted echo box. The guitar tones resulting from his interactions with Tymb Gratz might remind you of a molded cassette of Felt or Durutti Column.

My Education - "Black Box": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

COME FLY WITH US! (Reuters) These are some of the interesting things you’ll see on your next long distance flight, courtesy of My Education: -Bukowski’s gin-soaked bars, where Mickey Rourke orders more libations for his boon companions -The half-pipes, grind rails, and bad haircuts of Mr. 1986 -The midi-enhanced cavemen of Roboter-Hohlenbewohner -The final testimonials of the pilots of doomed airliners -A frenetic and violent outburst from a laboratory golem

Nobody Beats the Drum - "Natural Thing": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Nobody Beats The Drum are in the front line of Dutch electronic dance music. The three-piece electro outfit consists of Sjam Sjamsoedin, Jori Collignon, and Rogier van der Zwaag sharing the stage. While Sjam and Jori produce all the music Rogier produces all the video projections. Together, the trio delivers a uniquely unforgettable live audio/visual experience that has brought them high praise from trendsetters such as Kanye West, Vice Magazine and more. NBTD

Declan O Rourke - "LBRM": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Declan O’Rourke was a latecomer to the Dublin singer-songwriter scene. But, in his mid-twenties, within months of discovering Dublin’s bustling songwriter open-mic circuit, O’Rourke found himself in the mix with the likes of Paddy Casey, Gemma Hayes, Damian Rice and many other Irish singer-songwriters. In 2004, Declan released his debut album, Since Kyabram. ‘Galileo (Someone Like You),’ his debut single, has been covered by numerous artists including Josh Groban, and performed by Paul Weller and Chris Rea.