Ping Fu - Digital Reality: Life in Two Worlds - SXSW Interactive 2013

We have spent the last two decades capturing the real world, turning it into ones and zeros. Bits replacing atoms, where digital was cool and physical was the forgotten relative. This will reverse in the next decade – physical will become the new frontier, and digital will seem a little bit boring. Robots, sensors, 3D printers, UAV – information technology will evolve from providing access to supporting direct human interactions. In the words of Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine – Atoms will become the new bits. As Digital and Reality blend together, we are going to see a new human computer industry in which digital technology plays a mere supporting role. This session is rich in lessons for entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators—whatever you want to call people who want to start something—to instigate rather than follow, and to challenge the status quo. The talk will include demonstration of sensors that simulate our ability to see (data capture), feel (haptic), and make (3D printing).