Taj Weekes - "Peace and Love": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Contemporary reggae takes many forms, some of them bland or ugly or downright destructive. But some encompass art, art as valid as anything from reggae\'s past, as valid as any other present musical genre. This is where Taj Weekes & Adowa\'s music fits in. It represents the most appealing and rewarding manifestation of reggae now being created. Musically, lyrically and rhythmically it not only reflects the best from the past, but urges the genre to higher heights. Taj Weekes & Adowa unite a true social consciousness with an unforgettable reggae groove. Blending in elements of acoustic roots rock and afro-folk simplicity, the band\'s vibrant sound defies genre and has garnered critical acclaim and a wide audience across the globe. Vibrant, emotionally challenging and intellectually stimulating, their albums have been consistently ranked as one of the top albums of any given year. Their performances - classic, soul-stirring, rootsy, tempos with beautifully enchanting vocals delivering socially conscious, thought-provoking lyrics.