Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

A Behavioral Approach to Changing Behavior: Daniel Pink [Video]

Written by Hugh Forrest

At SXSW 2015, Pink talked about “Fear, Shame, Empathy & More Ways to Change Behavior.” His presentation covered how subtle changes in the environment can dramatically affect and impact what people do. If you weren’t in Austin last March, then watch the full video below of Pink’s speech via our...

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015

Robots and AI: Watch Martine Rothblatt's 2015 Keynote [Video]

Written by Hugh Forrest

Earlier this week, we wrote that robots are expected to receive a lot of attention at the 2016 SXSW Interactive Festival. While this prediction stems from a growing industry trend toward automation, it also reflects one of the most popular talks from the 2015 event — the keynote presentation from...

Wednesday, Aug 5, 2015

Nathan Myhrvold Discusses Disruption to the Kitchen [Video]

Written by Hugh Forrest

The former CTO of Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold, eventually left Redmond to pursue the technology behind better recipes. One of the results of this pursuit was the six-volume, 2,438-page masterpiece known as “Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking”. Published in 2011, this tome was tagged by the...

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

Video Spotlight: Art, Music, Politics with Chuck D & Shepard Fairey at SXSW 2015

Written by Rory Burbeck

Whether it’s audio or visual, great art can be used for evil and propaganda – but it can also be used to enact positive social and political change.

The potential impact that art and music can have on political and youth cultures isn’t something to be taken lightly, a point...