2017 SXSW Showcasing Artist #YEI

#YEI photo by @danimanphoto


Miami, FL

2017 SXSW Showcasing Artist

YEI (Javier Garcia’s new band after 10 years in Vzla singing for Telegrama) is an independent, revolutionary, intelligent, and powerful, musical proposal. One that combines and captures all these tumultuous times without the fear of defying the establishment, governments and their main characters alike. #YEI is a singer-songwriter, perfomer and a devoted enthusiast of the musical genres that have built his sound, lyrics and style. By immersing himself in the opulent musical scenes of Venezuela, the U.S. and Barcelona, (all places where he has lived), #YEI has been able to create a unique sound and a very compelling musical proposition. His music is intelligent, defined by word play and edgy lyrics that fall between wrong and right. #YEI’ first record is a complete and elaborate piece of work marked by an innovative sound. The album was finished in Barcelona, the city where he rerouted his destiny when he started recording his own music. Controversy, guitars, lyrics that speak on human sensibilities, irony, intelligent and dark humor inspired by artists who not only express themselves through their music, but also through their lyrics, art, and photography while taking their audiences on a creative, seductive, and gratifying artistic journey. #YEI appears on the scene with creative and personal maturity for the launch of his new project, after being one of the members of the group Telegrama, a band who helped shape the alternative rock scene in Caracas, Venezuela nearly a decade ago. Caracas is also known for giving birth to bands such as ViniloVersus and La Vida Bohème, among others.

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