SXSW Advertising Opportunities

SXSW offers numerous print and digital advertising opportunities to help your brand reach a large, diverse audience and gain thousands of impressions.

Photo by Lauren Lindley

Photo by Lauren Lindley

Advertising Opportunities


SXSW Pocket Guides & Exhibition Guides

Pocket Guides are the go-to sources for all things SXSW during SXSWeek. They are available in both digital and print versions and are easily the most visible publications during the event. Exhibition Guides are handed out to attendees at the Trade Show, SXSW Marketplace, Wellness Expo, and other exhibitions. Increase your presence at SXSW by advertising in an Exhibition Guide.

SXSWorld Magazine Advertising

SXSWorld® magazine gives an in-depth look into the interactive, film, and music industries while also breaking down all things SXSW. Digital articles are published throughout the year, with three issues made available to SXSW registrants as special print editions.

The February issue is printed and mailed out to registrants alongside the digital publication. Two issues of SXSWorld are printed and distributed on-site during the March event and reach professionals working in all aspects of the creative industries while they are attending SXSW.

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Transportation Advertising

Looking to promote something to SXSW attendees and the general public in Austin? Look no further than the transportation options that SXSW attendees and Austinites use multiple times daily. From shuttles and pedicabs, to buses and trains, SXSW offers multiple transportation advertising opportunities to get your message across.

Digital Advertising

SXSW has digital advertising opportunities that reach a wide audience. Our SXSW® GO Mobile App lets attendees create their own schedule of events for each day while also housing important information about venues, speakers, and more. Additionally, brands have the opportunity to market to our vast social media communities.

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