Talib Kweli Discusses Starting a Label in the Digital Age at SXSW 2016

Rapper and label owner Talib Kweli and entrepreneur Jarret Myer (UPROXX and Rawkus Records) go way back to the salad days of Kweli’s career in the late 1990s. The two have plenty of stories and advice to offer for those of you starting your own record labels, and they divulged a lot of it at SXSW Music 2016.

Both Kweli and Myer use stories from their own careers to illustrate creative music marketing techniques, ways to properly develop a label in the digital age, and more with the perspectives of both the artist and the executive.

Watch the 50-minute session above or via our SXSW Music 2016 YouTube playlist.

Photo by Diego Donamaria/Getty Images for SXSW

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