Watch Out for Pay-to-Play Scams

Each year as the festival approaches, a number of artists are invited to participate in what appear to be official SXSW Music Festival Showcases, but are not.

SXSW never charges our artists to perform at an official showcase; we operate on a strict invitation-only policy. We do not condone these solicitations in any way, and are actively doing everything we can to protect artists from becoming victims of these “pay-to-play” scams.

Please be wary of anyone who may approach you with an offer which charges you money to perform or audition. If you are approached now through the event, even if it appears to come from a legitimate SXSW representative, please don’t allow yourself to become a victim. SXSW’s application process is closed and SXSW will not ask you to pay-to-play at the festival.

You can do your part to help by letting us know if someone approaches you with a “SXSW” pay-to-play opportunity. Please send any leads or inquiries to, and we will happily look into the matter for you.

Photo by Sean White



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