Being Dead - Photo by Harrison Anderson


Say Howdy to SXSW 2020 Austin Showcasing Artists

By Hailey Hess





While we have amazing bands from all over the world perform each year at the SXSW Music Festival, we want to go back to our roots and highlight bands from Austin, Texas. These hometown heroes range from SXSW veterans to up-and-comers on the 512 scene.

Some Austin artists we are excited to see this year include an eclectic set of rock acts such as A. Sinclair, Being Dead, The Black Angels, Blood, The Bright Light Social Hour, Christelle Bofale, Dorio, Go Fever, Indigo Bunting, Otis the Destroyer, Star Parks, Van Mary, Moving Panoramas, White Denim, and Why Bonnie.

Noteworthy punk groups include A Giant Dog, Blood, Ringo Deathstarr, and The Ghost Wolves. On the Pop side, we have the dreamy sounds of Caroline Rose, Lowin, Sun June, and Mother Falcon.

Bust out your moves with groovy dance collective TC Superstar; Electronic powerhouses PASTEL GHOST and Sara Landry. Plus, soul/psychedelic outfit Kalu & The Electric Joint; and R&B sets from Alesia Lani, Jackie Venson, and Jay Wile.

Don't miss class-favorite rappers The Teeta and Riders Against the Storm. Other highlights include father and daughter acts Tito and Tarantula and Lolita Lynne, Latin Rock Grupo Fantasma and experimental Night Glitter.

Dive into the full list of Austin artists below.

Austin Artists


AAerial (Austin TX)
A Giant Dog (Austin TX)
Alesia Lani (Austin TX)
Altamesa (Austin TX)
The Ansible (Austin TX)
arya (Austin TX)
A. Sinclair (Austin TX)
Atash (Austin TX)
Atlas Maior (Austin TX)
Austin Basham (Austin TX)
B1 (Austin TX)
The Band of Heathens (Austin TX)
Barbara Nesbitt (Austin TX)
Beat Root Revival (Austin TX)
Being Dead (Austin TX)
Ben Buck (Austin TX)
Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad (Austin TX)
The Black Angels (Austin TX)
Black Heart Saints (Austin TX)
BlackLight (Austin TX)
BLANG (Austin TX)
Blood (Austin TX)
The Blowies (Austin TX)
Blushing (Austin TX)
Bourbonnais (Austin TX)
Bourgeois Mystics (Austin TX)
Bragglights (Austin TX)
The Bright Light Social Hour (Austin TX)
Buenos Diaz (Austin TX)
BUHU (Austin TX)
Bulimianne Rhapsody (Austin TX)
The Bvtcher (Austin TX)
Calliope Musicals (Austin TX)
Capyac (Austin TX)
Caroline Rose (Austin TX)
Cha’keeta B (Austin TX)
Charlie Faye & The Fayettes (Austin TX)
Chief Cleopatra (Austin TX)
Chorizo Funk (Austin TX)
Christelle Bofale (Austin TX)
Christine Renner (Austin TX)
Clarence James (Austin TX)
Clemente Castillo (Austin TX)
Cole Longanecker (Austin TX)
Colin Gilmore & Nicolette Good: Ladder To The Moon (Austin TX)
Color Candy (Austin TX)
Como Las Movies (Austin TX)
Corduroi (Austin TX)
Critical Assembly (Austin TX)
The Cuckoos (Austin TX)
Cupcake (Austin TX)
Curse Mackey (Austin TX)
Curtis McMurtry (Austin TX)
daphne tunes (Austin TX)
Darkbird (Austin TX)
Deanna Wheeler (Austin TX)
Death Of A Dream (Austin TX)
The Deer (Austin TX)
Diamond Dior Davenport (Austin TX)
DJ Grip (Austin TX)
DJ Hella Yella (Austin TX)
DJ JRO (Austin TX)
DJ Shani (Austin TX)
DJ Squake (Austin TX)
DJ TradeMark (Austin TX)
Dominican Jay (Austin TX)
Dorio (Austin TX)
DOSSEY (Austin TX)
dreamgoth (Austin TX)
Dre Prince (Austin TX)
Dual Core (Austin TX)
Duhrdy (Austin TX)
Dustin Welch (Austin TX)
Elijah Ford (Austin TX)
ella ella (Austin TX)
Emily Wolfe (Austin TX)
Eric Tessmer (Austin TX)
Fanclub (Austin TX)
Flite (Austin TX)
Flora & Fawna (Austin TX)
Fragile Rock (Austin TX)
Freequency (Austin TX)
fuvk (Austin TX)
Ghostboy Jay$ee (Austin TX)
The Ghost Wolves (Austin TX)
Gina Chavez (Austin TX)
GoDJKnowledge & The Trendsetters (Austin TX)
Go Fever (Austin TX)
Grace Pettis (Austin TX)
Graham Reynolds (Austin TX)
Graham Reynolds and Golden Arm Trio (Austin TX)
Grand Champeen (Austin TX)
Greyhounds (Austin TX)
Grivo (Austin TX)
Grupo Fantasma (Austin TX)
Harvest Thieves (Austin TX)
Hermajestie (Austin TX)
High Heavens (Austin TX)
Hikes (Austin TX)
The Hunt Sales Memorial (Austin TX)
IAYD (Austin TX)
Indigo Bunting (Austin TX)
Indrajit Banerjee (Austin TX)
INFRAR3D (Austin TX)
In Praise (Austin TX)
Invoke (Austin TX)
Jackie Venson (Austin TX)
Jake Lloyd (Austin TX)
Jay Wile (Austin TX)
JazzInspired (Austin TX)
Jeff Lofton (Austin TX)
JM Stevens (Austin TX)
Johnny Chops & The Razors (Austin TX)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
Jon Muq (Austin TX)
J Soulja (Austin TX)
JU4N (Austin TX)
Kae Astra (Austin TX)
Kalu & The Electric Joint (Austin TX)
Kathryn Legendre (Austin TX)
Kay Odyssey (Austin TX)
Kept Male (Austin TX)
Killing In Apathy (Austin TX)
KingSinatra (Austin TX)
The Kraken Quartet (Austin TX)
Kuniklo Collective (Austin TX)
Kydd Jones (Austin TX)
Lady Grackle (Austin TX)
The Lagoons (Austin TX)
Landon Bullard & The Mostly Sober (Austin TX)
Las Valentinas (Austin TX)
Lesly Reynaga (Austin TX)
Ley Line (Austin TX)
Lil Ke (Austin TX)
Liz Dexia (Austin TX)
Loki (Austin TX)
Lolita Lynne (Austin TX)
Los Coast (Austin TX)
Los Kurados (Austin TX)
Love & Chaos (Austin TX)
Lowin (Austin TX)
Lug (Austin TX)
Mama Duke (Austin TX)
Mariachi Las Coronelas (Austin TX)
Matt Gilmour (Austin TX)
Mélat (Austin TX)
mid^heaven (Austin TX)
Mluna (Austin TX)
Mobley (Austin TX)
Monte Warden and The Dangerous Few (Austin TX)
Mother Falcon (Austin TX)
Mouthfeel (Austin TX)
Moving Panoramas (Austin TX)
Mr.Kitty (Austin TX)
Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 (Austin TX)
My Education (Austin TX)
Nané (Austin TX)
Nemegata (Austin TX)
Night Glitter (Austin TX)
Nobody's Girl (Austin TX)
Noodles (Austin TX)
OJO (Austin TX)
Otis the Destroyer (Austin TX)
Pala (Austin TX)
Pale Dian (Austin TX)
Papi Churro (Austin TX)
Patricia Vonne (Austin TX)
Paul Deemer Everybody (Austin TX)
Peelander-Z (Austin TX)
Pike and Sutton (Austin TX)
Pleasure Venom (Austin TX)
Portrayal of Guilt (Austin TX)
purple~matter (Austin TX)
Queue Queue (Austin TX)
Quiet Company (Austin TX)
Ramesh (Austin TX)
Rattletree (Austin TX)
Reign (Austin TX)
REUE (Austin TX)
Rhonda Jewels (Austin TX)
Riders Against the Storm (Austin TX)
Ringo Deathstarr (Austin TX)
Robot Jones (Austin TX)
Robynn Shayne (Austin TX)
Rosalind Hussell (Austin TX)
Sam Houston & BLK Odyssy (Austin TX)
San Saba County (Austin TX)
Sara Landry (Austin TX)
Sertified w/ DieSlo (Austin TX)
Shelley King (Austin TX)
Sheridan Reed (Austin TX)
She Sir (Austin TX)
Shreddward (Austin TX)
Single Lash (Austin TX)
Son Fjord (Austin TX)
SoundMass (Austin TX)
Spirit Ghost (Austin TX)
Sriracha (Austin TX)
Star Parks (Austin TX)
Stefon Osae (Austin TX)
Sue Foley (Austin TX)
Sun June (Austin TX)
Superfónicos (Austin TX)
Sweet Spirit (Austin TX)
Swimming With Bears (Austin TX)
TC Superstar (Austin TX)
The Teeta (Austin TX)
Tetractys New Music (Austin TX)
Think No Think (Austin TX)
Tiarra Girls (Austin TX)
Tito and Tarantula (Austin TX)
Tomar and the FCs (Austin TX)
Tone Royal (Austin TX)
Tribe Mafia (Austin TX)
Tru Lyrics (Austin TX)
Ume (Austin TX)
Urban Heat Island Effect (Austin TX)
Van Mary (Austin TX)
Very Rich (Austin TX)
Warm Star (Austin TX)
Western Youth (Austin TX)
Wet Dip (Austin TX)
White Denim (Austin TX)
Whitney Rose (Austin TX)
Why Bonnie (Austin TX)
William Harries Graham (Austin TX)
World Music Unleashed (Austin TX)
Y2K (Austin TX)
Yung Bryse (Austin TX)

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