Bose and Patreon: Brands in Action Series

Brands in Action

In this special series, we’re highlighting companies who are answering the call of their communities around the world. Whether in coordinated efforts with like-minded organizations or working individually to do their part, these brands are using their resources to support others.

Music continues to bring people together despite a pandemic set on keeping us apart. Creators across the globe are rising to the challenge of building connections and assembling extensive and visionary communities to keep us moving forward.


Bose has been developing new ways to experience all things audio on scales large and small since 1964. Creating devices that combine exceptional functionality, design and technology, in recent years Bose has committed to improving sustainability both in their products and workplace practices. The company has also dedicated time and effort to confronting racial inequalities — a message to employees from Bose President and COO Jim Scammon says, “If the thousands of Bose employees turn towards this movement and make a personal, permanent change, big or small, we’ll have done something that matters more than our products ever could.” With this letter also came contributions to the NAACP, Forward Cities, The Loveland Foundation, and Black Girls CODE.

Additionally, Bose remains mindful of the auditory therapeutic effect their products can provide and has established Sounds Sanctuary. outreach program helps bring the therapeutic effects of music to some of those who need it the most. This program enables individuals to nominate someone they believe could benefit from their products, and each month 30 nominees receive audio equipment to help them cope, heal or simply find a few moments of peace. Responders on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic are also eligible to receive an exclusive discount on their purchase in recognition of their heroic efforts.


Patreon was built with the objective of supporting a wide range of creators, giving them the tools needed to continue their work and maintain their entrepreneurial goals. With a direct link from customer to creator, their platform provides a solution to the struggle of earning a suitable wage while pursuing a creative career. As the idea of building a more efficient creative economy continues to grow, so do the standards of company practices across the board.

In response to recent events Patreon has dedicated efforts in the Fighting for Justice blog post, Patreon’s response to racism, inequality and police brutality extends to their staff, creators and beyond, acknowledging, “...we have a platform with which we can drive change, and if we fail to leverage that platform, we become part of the problem.” In addition to $50,000 in donations made to organizations addressing social inequalities, Patreon has committed to recruiting more people of color and curating resources such as Creativity Against Hate.

For more information on their efforts and how you can get involved, visit the websites above.

By Olivia Cruz




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