Hire Heroes Brings Veteran Employment Resources to SXSW

At Hire Heroes USA, we believe in the tremendous value veterans and military spouses bring to the modern workplace. We see daily how their success yields positive results for their families, their employers, and the communities they call home. Every year, more than 30,000 veterans and military spouses reach out to us for job search assistance.

Currently, the number of requests for support has nearly tripled compared to this time last year. Our urgent goal is to connect that growing number of veterans and military spouses to fulfilling opportunities. As our nation’s unemployment rate begins to recover, the reality of the issue is more complex. The veteran labor force participation rate lags behind at 47.5%, with many being veterans under the age of 40 who have expertise to offer the civilian workforce.

Looking ahead, we want to support these veterans and spouses in achieving their employment goals and building a stable future. This is only possible through strong partnerships with companies who believe in veteran talent, a talented team dedicated to closing the success gap, and passionate advocates who champion our mission. Let’s build a brand to deliver on this mission.

Professional Development Hub

In support of our community, we’ve launched the Professional Development Hub featuring top companies looking for talent and career resources for the creative community. Stay tuned for weekly features throughout the 2021 SXSW Online season.

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Content courtesy of Ross Dickman, Chief Operating Officer, Hire Heroes USA

By Olivia Cruz