The Hemp Market is Evolving, From Shovel to Shelf

High Grade Hemp Seed from Shovel to Shelf

The market for hemp derived products has been accelerating since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, but not without the growing pains that come when supply and demand are trying to find their equilibrium.

In the last year, however, the hemp market has matured as more farmers learn best practices for growing hemp, regulators update policy to reflect new understandings about cannabinoids, and new businesses enter the supply chain with products that take advantage of the large quantities of hemp being grown.

Beyond the world of CBD, hemp is showing promise in sustainability efforts as a regenerative crop, and hemp fiber is providing a real alternative to more resource-intensive plants like cotton or trees from the rainforest. Meanwhile, hemp investors are forging ahead to fund the latest opportunities in hemp and create a profitable, ethical industry.

Farming hemp is also empowering indigenous peoples with better housing, more control over their natural resources, and a self-sustaining system of jobs.

A founding company within hemp's resurgence, High Grade Hemp Seed produces best-in-class hemp genetics and powers economic and environmental sustainability as the newest company in Santa Fe Farms’ rapidly growing hemp ecosystem.

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By Olivia Cruz




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