SXSW Presents Futurology: An Audible Original 12-Episode Podcast

Futurology - An Audible original podcast presented by SXSW

Feast your ears on our first narrative podcast Futurology! The 12-episode Audible original podcast presented by SXSW asks and answers a dozen big questions about the world of tomorrow.

Dive into the four new episodes of Futurology with host Dr. Kate Furby which tackle food, work, mindfulness, and longevity – illuminating the latest thinking and cutting-edge science in these essential areas.

Futurology Episodes

Food | Will Thanksgiving dinner be made in a lab? Tasting the future of "alternative proteins" – everything from fungus sausage to lab-raised meat to a snack of crickets and pumpkin seeds.

Work | What will matter more in the future, our work or our lives? The pandemic and the Great Resignation has many of us questioning why we were ever so obsessed with work in the first place. Will that last?

Mindfulness | Does the future want us to be mindful? There’s no getting around it: the future will be distracting. Big Tech is a huge part of the problem. It wants to be part of the solution too.

Longevity | Can we "cure" aging? The science of growing old and the secrets of longevity - starring a near-centenarian who credits her long and happy life to her singing, her sociability, and a little Pilates.

Subscribe to Audible to listen to Futurology. More episodes coming soon.

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By Jordan Roberts




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