toki - series #02 by Akinori Goto - Photo by Chris Smith

toki - series #02 by Akinori Goto - Photo by Chris Smith

Toki – series #02 by Akinori Goto

2017 Official Art Program Installation

This artwork is a physical depiction of time in relation to movement. At first glance, it may appear to be a simple clump of white mesh, but sections of time can be reproduced by projecting light through the open slits. In depicting the invisible concept of time, I am able to more clearly express the relationship between time and movement, and can attempt to capture the beauty and nature of time itself.For my latest project, a physical depiction of time is presented in the context of a dancer’s vibrant movements, showing the dynamic progression as it moves through the air. This work could be called a sculpture of time, and through it viewers may be able to imagine a new relationship between time, movement and space.

3D print supported by DMM.make

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