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SXSW, LLC is a forward-thinking company always looking for bright minds. Learn more about our company profile, perks, and frequently asked applicant questions below. View our job board for all available career opportunities at SXSW.

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We Embrace Unexpected Discoveries

SXSW is committed to the discovery and development of diverse talent. We believe that when creative people express their individuality, it births new ideas, challenges bias, signals inclusion, promotes diversity and awakens a culture rooted in belonging.

SXSW is responsible for providing a space for creatives to thrive by bringing their unique personalities to the table to create an unprecedented culture unlike any other. We are intentional about building an environment more representative of the communities we serve because it creates a stronger and more creative workplace proven to deliver the best results.

Diversity: The presence of differences that represent society at all levels.
Increasing diversity means we decrease conformity, while leading to more engagement, innovation and creativity.

Equity: Our commitment to eliminate barriers and ensure opportunities for everyone.
Increasing equity ensures impartiality and fairness for all communities. We pledge to remove structural inequities in the employee life cycle, build policies that ensure accessibility for all, and take continual steps to confront bias in decision making.

Inclusion: The actions taken to be sure everyone feels invited, embraced, and valued.
Increasing inclusion affirms that our SXSW community feels a shared belonging, respected, and valued with equitable opportunities to contribute their individuality to the organization and advance their skill sets and careers.

Welcome to SXSW

SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries.

Culture and Values


Our Culture

Our staff’s deep interests and creative passions are often reflected in their work. We thrive in an open-minded environment, where we believe in continuously exploring new ideas, knowledge, and skills.

SXSW is authentic and unlike any other experiences, and we celebrate its originality. We like to figure things out, and we value independent thinking to solve problems and fuel innovation, creativity, and growth.

We celebrate the unique identities, contributions, perspectives, and lived experiences of the SXSW community. By cultivating an inclusive environment, we unlock a wealth of talent and create a vibrant experience where everyone can succeed.

Our business is never static. We are resilient, we find ways to adjust, and we embrace the dynamic, ever-changing nature of our world.

We embrace challenges and have high expectations. We are passionate and dedicated to doing what it takes to deliver a stellar SXSW experience.

We believe that collaboration brings about remarkable results. We value teamwork and seek diverse perspectives to support the success of creative people.

Our Values

We foster discovery and shine a light on artists and innovators whose work is fresh, non-obvious, and pushes boundaries. We believe original thinking drives visionary problem solving and positive change.

We recognize the power of human connections and shared experiences—from within our SXSW team and participants from around the world—to help fulfill our purpose. By fostering a sense of belonging, we can unleash potential that contributes to the progress of creative people everywhere.

We celebrate self-expression and value each other’s differences and unique perspectives. We believe that embracing individuality means creating an inclusive and supportive experience for all.

We view what’s ahead as a big opportunity. We advance the ideas and accomplishments of forward thinkers and believe in the power of humans to do the impossible to create a better future.

Company Perks & Applicant Questions


We offer a competitive benefits package to all regular, full time staff that includes but is not limited to:

  • Employer Paid Medical
  • Employer Paid Dental
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance
  • Employer Contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Optional Discounted Vision Plan
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • 401K
  • Staff Badge Perks
  • Unique and Collaborative Work Environment
  • Unforgettable Experiences

Applicant Questions

What happens after I apply?
Once you submit your application it will be reviewed by a member of the Human Resources Team. Your amazing skill set is compared to job requirements and core competencies to determine job fit. If the application is complete and in line with the job requirements you will receive a call for a brief phone interview. The final step is a face to face interview with the hiring manager.

Who can I speak with if I have additional questions?
All questions regarding the job opening, response timeline, feedback, and the hiring process can be directed to the Human Resources Department. Please email

What does it mean to be seasonal?
The technical definition is a staff member who works 6 month of the year or less. At SXSW being a seasonal employee means so much more than that! Seasonal staff join the company in anticipation of the event and add great value. Although the employment may be short-lived, it’s a great way to learn the industry and be a part of a world renowned global event. Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to our Human Resources Department.



At SXSW, we take pride in offering internships that are comprehensive learning experiences. Our interns are an integral part of a team that produces a world-class international event. We offer opportunities in Brand & Marketing, Innovation, the Music and Film Festivals, Conference Programming, and more.

As a SXSW intern, you can expect to:

  • Explore your chosen industry and learn how it interacts with other disciplines
  • Network, making professional connections inside and outside the company
  • Expand your portfolio and resume, putting your efforts on display to a discerning global audience
  • Develop and prove your professional skills alongside supportive, invested colleagues and mentors
  • Experience the whole of the SXSW Conference and Festivals, as both an intern and an attendee with complimentary access

“As an intern, the management team really opens you up to be a part of the culture” – Glassdoor Review

“Great opportunity to look inside what makes one of the world’s largest festivals.” – Glassdoor Review

Note: All internships paid at $12/hr. Enrollment in a college or university is required to be considered for an internship.

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteering for SXSW is a great way to meet new people, showcase SXSW and Austin to our global community, and earn great perks to attend SXSW or SXSW EDU!

Learn more about badge types and how you can earn the opportunity to attend SXSW at


Current Career Opportunities


Explore available positions and submit your resume. If there are no positions listed below, please check back for updates.

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