Inside the Modern Day Writers’ Room Featured Session at SXSW 2018 [Video]

In this 2018 SXSW Featured Session moderated by journalist Monica Castillo, learn what really happens inside of the writers room for a modern day television show with Zach Anner (Speechless), Kendall McKinnon(Eyewitness), and Shintaro Shimosawa (The Walking Dead and Fear of the Walking Dead).

During the Making Film & Episodics Track session, panelists had a very open and candid conversation covering everything from how they got their start to different aspects of diversity.

"You have to find people of different races, you have to find people of different physical abilities, and you have to seek them out and give them the opportunities and tools so they can thrive." - Zach Anner on inclusion inside and outside of the writers room

Castillo posed a question about continuing to grow as a writer and sustaining career development while working in a writers room and McKinnon responded with," Inherently it is [the industry] sort of set up where you are always doing something different and always learning. You are going from show to show...I get to go from one writers room to another and meet new people and have new challenges, and new characters which is really exciting."

Watch the 2018 Featured Session to explore more about these writers and stay tuned to the Making Film & Episodics Track as related sessions for SXSW 2019 are announced.

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By Neha Aziz


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