Unfiltered: Pamela Adlon Embraces Better Things at SXSW 2019 [Video]

"When you get past being self-conscious and you gain confidence — that for me has been the biggest hat-trick of my show." — Pamela Adlon

In this candid conversation, Pamela Adlon — Emmy®-winning actress and acclaimed executive producer, writer, and director of the award-winning FX series Better Things — discussed her storied career including the return of her semi-autobiographical and critically-acclaimed series. Better Things offers a refreshingly honest perspective on motherhood, feminism, friendship, and aging in Hollywood.

Adlon features a lot of her personal experiences on the show. When asked about her character Sam, she explained that she can live her life through these moments.

"I say that Sam is like me in a cape because she is the ultra version of me. She says the things I want to say, she goes the extra mile... it's therapy." - Pamela Adlon

She went on to describe the numerous other influences on her show: "it's music... it's people, it's characteristics, it's the art I've been collecting my whole life, it's a certain way of dressing, a certain timelessness. I want it to last, I want my show to be everlasting," said Adlon.

Moderator Jessica Shaw mentioned that we rarely see women on shows from the ages of 45-55. "I've never seen someone like me on television — women of my age, we are invisible." Adlon joked that she could rob a bank and no one would notice.

To explore more about Better Things and Adlon's career, watch the full Featured Session and more videos on our YouTube channel. Season 3 of Better Things is currently airing on FX.

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Featured Session: Unfiltered: Pamela Adlon Embraces Better Things - Photo by Will Blake

By Neha Aziz


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