World Premiere of Long Shot at SXSW 2019 [Video]

"I worked really hard as a filmmaker to make it [Long Shot] a cinematic experience." - Director Jonathan Levine

Long Shot follows Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) as he reunites with his first crush, one of the most influential women in the world, Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), and charms her with his self-deprecating humor and his memories of her youthful idealism. As she prepares to make a run for the presidency, Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter. A fish out of water on Charlotte’s elite team, Fred is unprepared for her glamorous lifestyle in the limelight. Sparks fly as their unmistakable chemistry leads to a round-the-world romance and a series of unexpected and dangerous incidents.

In addition to Rogen and Theron, Long Shot features a stellar ensemble cast of O'Shea Jackson, Andy Serkis, June Diane Raphael, Bob Odenkirk, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ravi Patel. Check out their interview at the SXSW Live Studio here and scroll through our gallery for a behind the scenes look from the World Premiere, including one exhilarating performance from Boyz II Men who make an appearance in the film.

Don't forget to catch Long Shot in theaters now and check out more videos from SXSW 2019 on our YouTube channel.

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World Premiere of Long Shot - Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SXSW

By Neha Aziz


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