Dirk Ahlborn on Crowdsourcing the Hyperloop at SXSW Interactive

Written by Emma Stephens

“Are we going to travel much more? Are we going to go just for lunch? We assume so, so we have to be ready.” – Dirk Ahlborn

Not only did Dirk Ahlborn come to SXSW Interactive 2016 armed with plenty of information on what Hyperloop is and how it can improve our lives, but he also brought ideas on how it could potentially shape our future behaviors.

On Sunday March 13, the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies discussed both the completely new transportation system, as well as the revolutionary use of crowdsourcing to create an entirely new model for how companies can be made. After Elon Musk published the original Hyperloop Alpha white paper in 2013, Musk asked other entrepreneurs to take on the project, and JumpStartFund answered the call with 100 engineers. Thus, the first Hyperloop company was born. Today Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has 500 team members, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. In the words of Ahlborn, the main goal of his company is "to make travel suck less" so we do not have to be limited in what we do and where we go like we are today.

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By SXSW Staff Writer




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