Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

Leafy Lounge - 2019 - Photo by Sarah Annie Navarrete

Though what we think of as the cannabis industry is relatively new, the selling of cannabis has continued in spite of decades of prohibition — with targeted persecution of these sales devastating many communities of color. Now that the very thing that put people from these communities in prison has become legal in parts of the country, we're faced with the question of how to make restitution to those disproportionately punished for an act that is no longer against the law. And after we sort that out, another question remains — how do we enable communities of color to profit from this booming young industry in effective and sustainable ways?

In the Cannabusiness Track at the SXSW Conference, we're giving a home to the discussions surrounding the technological, cultural, financial, legal, and political ecosystems that are defining the cannabis industry. As this promising new industry continues to find its shape, the professionals helping to define this industry will address these questions and explore the solutions and their ramifications for consumers and industry professionals alike.

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Featured Image by Sarah Annie Navarrete

By Nicole Cappabianca




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