Creating An NFT Wallet: Blockchain Creative Labs Preps You For SXSW

Creating An NFT Wallet: Blockchain Creative Labs Preps You For SXSW

SXSW is all about discovery. If you’re interested in collecting or purchasing NFTs, you’ll need a wallet, in particular one that supports the blockchain protocol NFTs are built on.

Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) is using Polygon to mint NFTs and the team shared its favorite wallets with us. The most popular is MetaMask, which can be downloaded as a browser extension or a mobile app. Once downloaded, look for the “Create a new wallet” option, securely save your seed phrase key, and set a device-specific password. You now have your very first crypto wallet! Note: NEVER share your wallet private keys or seed phrase with anyone.

Other recommended wallets include TrustWallet and all the Wallet Connect wallets.

Now that you have your wallet, during the festival you’ll be able to participate in drops, purchase NFTs and collect tokens simply by connecting your wallet to the SXSW x BCL Marketplace on the app or online.

Want to learn more about NFT drops at SXSW? Visit for more information.

Photo provided by Blockchain Creative Labs

By Olivia Cruz




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