Kickstart Your Next Film Or Short With IMDbPro

Kickstart Your Next Film Or Short With IMDbPro

IMDbPro is proud to sponsor SXSW Short Film Program supporting the discovery of emerging filmmakers. Ready to establish yourself as a filmmaker but don’t know where to begin? Making a short film is a great place to start. A short film can give you the necessary experience to make a bigger project, and a well-made short that gets attention at festivals like SXSW can also give you the credibility needed to attract investors when you’re ready to make a feature. IMDbPro provides all the resources you need to help you get started with financing, staff your cast and crew and network with industry professionals to promote your project.

Get Financing

Start with friends and family who may be willing to chip in to help you kick off your shorts project. You can also reach out to companies that invest in films; you can find these companies with IMDbPro. To start, research other projects similar in scale and style to your film and on the film’s IMDbPro page you’ll find companies associated with production and distribution along with their contact details.

Search & Discover The Right Talent

Search for actors, actresses, and crew members on IMDbPro and filter by unique skills, union affiliation and other attributes. When you find someone that could be a fit for your project, reach out to them or their representatives to see if they are interested.

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