The Metaverse Will Rebuild Digital Life – Norton Makes It Bright

The Metaverse Will Rebuild Digital Life – Norton Makes It Bright

The metaverse is the most futuristic iteration of the Internet — a virtual universe built on augmented reality/virtual reality to create shared, 3D immersive spaces. Possibilities in the virtual world are richer than ever but come paired with consumer skepticism and safety concerns.

As Darren Shou, CTO for NortonLifeLock explains in WIRED, in the brightest of scenarios, the metaverse democratizes access to education and experiences. In the darkest, it compounds inequities, fragments reality, and erodes shared experiences. As the metaverse ushers in a new era of technology, SXSW Tech Track Sponsor Norton stands as consumers’ digital ally empowering the bright side of digital living at every turn.

Cyber Safety, like physical safety, will be increasingly critical in the metaverse, where consumers continue to work, play, and buy and sell goods and services across platforms. Norton will fight against the darkness of cyberthreats and innovate to uphold the bright side of digital life.

During SXSW on March 11, learn “How the Metaverse can Rebuild Society, but Better” as Norton, alongside technology and creative design leaders, addresses the future of the metaverse and Cyber Safety. Further, check out Norton’s Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report for the latest privacy and security insights.

Photo provided by NortonLifeLock

By Olivia Cruz




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