Start Your SXSW Art Experience with Meural’s The History of Art in 8 Hours

Meural presents A History of Art in 8 Hours

The SXSW Art Program presents an electrifying vision of the art of tomorrow. Using pixels as paint, and AR/VR to invent new realities, these works reveal the novel ways technology can engender artistic expression.

Before you jump into the future, witness the evolution of art up to today with an installation by Meural, presenting sponsor of the 2018 SXSW Art Program. In The History of Art in 8 Hours, each minute brings with it new art displayed on a wall of Meural Canvases (a digital, wifi-connected frame). The installation reflects Meural’s mission: using technology to bring our artistic past into the present, as well as ushering in the future.

The program begins each day with the Renaissance, moving chronologically through the Western canon, with interludes into Asia, South America, and beyond. Pit stops along the way explore momentous art world moments, like the 1913 Armory Show.

At 5:45pm daily, the wall of Canvases is taken over by a new commission by digital artist Eric Corriel: an algorithmic work that visually translates a Beethoven Concerto. The work evolves before your eyes as the music blares from the speakers, blending a bygone sonic experience with a thoroughly modern medium and producing a bold conception of art’s future.

The History of Art in 8 Hours will be on display March 9-15 on the 3rd floor of the JW Marriott. Make sure to favorite it on your SXSW Schedule! Additionally, Meural will offer demos of the Meural Canvas at SXSW Marketplace, March 15-17.

Content and image provided by Meural

By Jordan Guillory




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