Use Your QuickCode at Badge Pickup

What is a QuickCode?

In an effort to expedite the badge printing process, we built a feature called QuickCodes. All SXSW Registrants receive a Badge Pickup QuickCode that will act as an identifier when registrants pick up their badges. Bring your QuickCode and photo ID to Badge Pickup at the Austin Convention Center. One of our volunteers will scan your QuickCode, check your ID and print your badge.

What information is in the QuickCode?
The QuickCode contains a unique identifier allowing us to quickly retrieve your record for badge printing. No other personal information is encoded in the PDF417 code.

Where can I find my Badge Pickup QuickCode?
Your QuickCode can be found in SXSocial. To view your QuickCode, log in to your linked SXSocial account.

From this page, you will be able to view your QuickCode, email it to yourself, or print the QuickCode to bring to Onsite Registration!

Will you send me my QuickCode?
Yes! Keep your eye out for our annual “Before You Leave” email in the days just before this year’s event. This email contains important and helpful information, including your Badge Pickup QuickCode. Bring this email with you to Badge Pickup and we will scan it from your smartphone or printout.

I cannot find my Badge Pickup QuickCode, what do I do now?
Make sure you have linked your SXSocial account so that you can browse the directory of attendees and get your Quickcode. If you are unable to locate your QuickCode from your linked SXSocial account, please contact us at