SXSW GO – Official 2016 Mobile Guide to South By Southwest

SXSW® GO is the official mobile app for getting the most out of attending SXSW 2016. Browse our lineup and create your personal schedule, then login to sync it with your other devices.

You can build your schedule online at or directly on your mobile device. With SXSW® GO, you also can sync your online schedule with your mobile device, so your info will always be up-to-date! Note: Full schedule details (dates, times, venues) available in early 2016.

Download the SXSW® GO 2016 App

Click the buttons below to download the mobile app on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

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  • Lineup - Browse the entire event list category.

  • Events – Browse and Favorite events. Listen to MP3s and watch videos associated.

  • My Favorites - Add favorites and build your schedule in the app or sync with your online schedule between devices. In January, when dates/times/venue information becomes available, My Favorites lists will auto-update.

  • Attendees (SXSocial) - Activate your SXSocial account to network with thousands of other attendees. Get "Recommendations" based on your SXSocial profile, add favorites, search the directory, or connect to Facebook for more functionality.

  • My Profile – Log in to your SXSW account to sync your Social profile. Edit your tags to your profile to get better attendee recommendations.

Plan your experience by building your list of favorites, create tags in your profile to get better attendee recommendations, and add reminders to your calendar directly from an event page.

More videos and mobile features will be released in January 2016. Full schedule details (dates, times, venues) will also become available in early 2016 and automatically be updated on your mobile app. Download today and start planning your SXSW 2016 adventure!

SXSW® GO - SXSW Mobile App presented by Showtime and powered by Eventbase