Ximena Sariñana - Photo by Andrew Hyde

Ximena Sariñana - Photo by Andrew Hyde

Music Festival

From legendary performers and to the next round of musical talent, the SXSW Music Festival draws artists, industry professionals, and music lovers from around the world to make professional and personal connections, elevate their careers, and celebrate the magic of live music.

About Music Festival


The SXSW Music Festival brings together an international community of artists and music professionals for a unique celebration, discussion, and exploration of music.

New, developing, and established Showcasing Artists enhance their careers by reaching new audiences and attendees. Showcases are curated by SXSW in collaboration with record labels, booking agencies, management and PR firms, export offices, publishers, media outlets, lifestyle brands, festivals, and more. Explore the 2021 Showcasing Presenters, artists preview, and our full lineup below.

Select Music Festival programming will remain available to SXSW Online registrants on the event platform and Connected TV apps through April 18. Browse the complete list of post-event on demand content including Conference sessions.

2021 Showcasing Presenters

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind performances, presented directly from the artists’ home countries and unique settings like a Norwegian cable car, Abbey Road Studios, a Brazilian greenhouse cafe, and a Taoist temple.

Curated Presenter Showcases of this year’s world-class performances include AfroFuture Sounds (British Underground & DAJU Presents), Hotel Vegas & Hotel Free TV, Damnably, EQ Austin, Jazz re:freshed Outernational, FOCUS Wales, Roskilde Festival, Taiwan Beats, Close Encounter Club, Sounds from Spain, M for Montreal, Flipped Coin KOREA, Carefree Black Girl, New Zealand Music, KUTX The Breaks, Dedstrange, Fierce Panda x End of the Trail, Brazil Inspires the Future, ÅÄÖ…Sounds Swedish, BeatBites Presents AOMG, Beer n Tacos, Black Fret, British Music Embassy, BrooklynVegan, Therapy Presents: The Carribean Islands, Criteria Entertainment, Devil In the Woods, HEARD, Kosha Dillz presents OY VEY!, KoTPA (Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation), La Buena Fortuna, Luminelle Recordings, Marca Única, Mercury KX, Move Forward Music, Music From Ireland, Nine Mile Records and Touring, Northern Expo, Park The Van, Seitrack, S.O.B.’s 38th Year Anniversary, Sound Talent Group, Sounds Australia, Tokyo Sessions, Wide Days – Scotland, and Yamaha Guitars & BGS Presents.

2021 Showcasing Artists Lineup

See You Next Year

Following the recent announcement of SXSW 2022 dates, we will also be opening up 2022 participation opportunities this summer including PanelPicker®, Music Festival applications, Film Festival submissions, and more. Stay tuned!

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2021 Artists Lineup

Showcasing Artists include a diverse range of artists from around the globe. Check out round one and two of announced artists.

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SXSW 2021 Showcasing Artists

2021 Lineup


View the complete Music Festival lineup for SXSW Online 2021 in alphabetical order below including round one and two artist announcements.

Select Music Festival programming will remain available to SXSW Online registrants on the event platform and Connected TV apps through April 18. Browse the complete list of post-event on demand content including Conference sessions.

2021 Showcasing Artists

404 Guild (Eastbourne UK-ENGLAND)
Aaron Lee Tasjan (Nashville TN)
Adwaith (Carmarthen UK-WALES)
Afro Cluster (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Afronaut Zu (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ailbhe Reddy (Dublin IRELAND)
Akeem Ali (Jackson MS)
Alexander Biggs (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Alice Skye (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Alien Tango (Murcia SPAIN)
Altin Gun (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
American Dreamer (Austin TX)
Angel Garcia (Nuevo Leon MEXICO)
Anna B Savage (London UK-ENGLAND)
Antti Paalanen (Kokkola FINLAND)
Aoife Nessa Frances (Dublin IRELAND)
A Place To Bury Strangers (Brooklyn NY)
Ascenso Recio (Valle Hermoso MEXICO)
Astrid Sonne (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Awich (Okinawa JAPAN)
Babeheaven (London UK-ENGLAND)
Baby Kahlo (Baltimore MD)
Baby Queen (London UK-ENGLAND)
Baker Boy (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Beans (Geelong AUSTRALIA)
Beauty Sleep (Derry UK-N. IRELAND)
Benji Wild (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Best Move (Sacramento CA)
BettySoo (Austin TX)
BigBankBandz (Chicago IL)
Black Country, New Road (Cambridge UK-ENGLAND)
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears (Austin TX)
Blushing (Austin TX)
Bongeziwe Mabandla (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
BOYO (Los Angeles CA)
Br3nya (London UK-ENGLAND)
Buffalo Hunt (Austin TX)
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Byrke Lou (Berlin GERMANY)
Caiine (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Camilla George (London UK-ENGLAND)
Campfire Social (Wrexham UK-WALES)
Camryn (Denver CO)
Candeleros (Madrid SPAIN)
Carson McHone (Austin TX)
The Chairs (Taipei TAIWAN)
The Change (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
The Chats (Sunshine Coast AUSTRALIA)
Chief Cleopatra (Austin TX)
Choses Sauvages (Montreal CANADA)
Christian Pagán (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Chubby and the Gang (London UK-ENGLAND)
Circo (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Como Las Movies (Austin TX)
Connie Constance (Watford UK-ENGLAND)
Couch Prints (New York NY)
Dallas Pyron (Atlanta GA)
D.A.N. (Tokyo JAPAN)
Daniel Casimir and Tess Hirst (London UK-ENGLAND)
Darkoo (London UK-ENGLAND)
Dash Flash (New York NY)
Dasom Baek (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Data Animal (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Dayramir Gonzalez (Hacienda Heights CA)
Dead Pony (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Death by Denim (Perth AUSTRALIA)
The Deer (Austin TX)
Deezie Brown (Bastrop TX)
Demi Grace (New York NY)
DeVita (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Diamante Perez (Ulysses KY)
Didirri (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Dingo Bells (Porto Alegre BRAZIL)
DJ Wegun (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
DLD (Naucalpán De Juarez MEXICO)
Domino Saints (Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO)
Do Nothing (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND)
Doom Cannon (London UK-ENGLAND)
Drinking Boys and Girls Choir (Daegu SOUTH KOREA)
Drug Store Romeos (Fleet UK-ENGLAND)
Ego Ella May (London UK-ENGLAND)
Eimaral Sol (Killeen TX)
El Shirota (Mexico City MEXICO)
Enjoyable Listens (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Enno Cheng (Taipei City TAIWAN)
Enola Gay (Belfast UK- N. IRELAND)
Enyel C (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Equilibrio (Houston TX)
The F16s (Chennai INDIA)
Fake Gentle (Chengdu CHINA)
Family Jools (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Finn Askew (Taunton, Somerset UK-ENGLAND)
Fire EX. (Kaohsiung TAIWAN)
Francisca Valenzuela (Santiago CHILE)
Golden Dawn Arkestra (Austin TX)
Great Peacock (Nashville TN)
Greyhounds (Austin TX)
Grrrl Gang (Yogyakarta INDONESIA)
Hachiku (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Haru Nemuri (Yokohama JAPAN)
Hauskey (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Hazy Sour Cherry (Tokyo JAPAN)
Heave Blood & Die (Bodø NORWAY)
HeLing (Leshan CHINA)
Holy Fuck (Toronto CANADA)
Holy Wave (El Paso TX)
Hook (Riverside CA)
Hylan Starr (Atlanta GA)
Hype (Bekondo CAMEROON)
Iceage (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Indigo Sparke (Byron Bay AUSTRALIA)
I See Rivers (Bodø NORWAY)
Jacque (New York NY)
Jade Jackson & Aubrie Sellers (Los Angeles CA)
Jaguar Jonze (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Jake Lloyd (Austin TX)
Janine (Los Angeles CA)
JaRon Marshall (Austin TX)
Jealous (Berlin GERMANY)
Jekyll (Blackpool UK-ENGLAND)
The Jellyman’s Daughter (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Johnny Aries (Margate UK-ENGLAND)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
Jovem Dionisio (Curitiba BRAZIL)
J Soulja (Austin TX)
Just Mustard (Dundalk IRELAND)
Kalpee (Chaguanas TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Kapil Seshasayee (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Katie Cole (Nashville TN)
Katy J Pearson (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Kayan (Mumbai INDIA)
Kee’ahn (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Kevin Galloway (Austin TX)
Khalia (Kingston JAMAICA)
Kinky (Monterrey MEXICO)
Kissie Lee (Atlanta GA)
Kosha Dillz (Brooklyn NY)
Kota Banks & Ninajirachi (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Lambert (Berlin GERMANY)
lau.ra (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Lazy Eyes (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Ley Line (Austin TX)
Lilla Vargen (Ballymena UK-ENGLAND)
Loco (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Lonr (Cape Cod MA)
Lord Friday the 13th (Austin TX)
Los Blenders (Mexico City MEXICO)
Loshh (London UK-ENGLAND)
Los Rivera Destino (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Luisa e os Alquimistas (Natal BRAZIL)
Luke Howard (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Mae Powell (San Francisco CA)
mafmadmaf (Canton CHINA)
Magdalena Bay (Los Angeles CA)
Maliibu Miitch (Bronx, NY)
Mama Duke (Austin TX)
Margaux (Atlanta GA)
Mariana Bo (Culiacán MEXICO)
Matilda Mann (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Merindas (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Merk (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Mike Melinoe (Austin TX)
millennium parade (Tokyo JAPAN)
Mimi Bay (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Miro Shot (London UK-ENGLAND)
Moreno ITF (Bronx NY)
Mortimer (Kingston JAMAICA)
Motenko (Austin TX)
MOZIAH (Asbury Park NJ)
The Mysterines (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Nadia Reid (Dunedin NEW ZEALAND)
Nana Adjoa (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Nané (Austin TX)
Nani (Caracas VENEZUELA)
Nanpa Básico (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Nathy Peluso (Barcelona SPAIN)
Nayana Iz (London UK-ENGLAND)
Neighbor Lady (Atlanta GA)
NekoJam (Taipei City TAIWAN)
NinoMan (Harlem NY)
No Joy (Montreal CANADA)
No Money Enterprise (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Novi (Ashland OR)
Noya Rao (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Olivia Dean (London UK-ENGLAND)
Onipa (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND)
Oter (Tromsø NORWAY)
Otoboke Beaver (Kyoto JAPAN)
Paul Jacobs (Montreal CANADA)
Paupière (Montreal CANADA)
Penelope Isles (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Petite Amie (Mexico City MEXICO)
Phoebe Green (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Phony Ppl (Brooklyn NY)
Pillow Queens (Dublin IRELAND)
porij (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
PR Newman (Austin TX)
Purple Pilgrims (Coromandel NEW ZEALAND)
Quanna (Savannah GA)
The Queendom (Atlanta GA)
Rachael Lavelle (Dublin IRELAND)
Randy Randall (Los Angeles CA)
Ray Prim (Austin TX)
Remi Burgz (London UK-ENGLAND)
Renni Rucci (Columbia SC)
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band (Nashville IN)
Richard Spaven (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rob Markman (Brooklyn NY)
Rosehip Teahouse (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Rounak Maiti (Mumbai INDIA)
Ruido Rosa (Mexico City MEXICO)
Ryan McMullan (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Samantha Sanchez (Miami FL)
Sasha and the Valentines (Austin TX)
Say Sue Me (Busan SOUTH KOREA)
The School (Cardiff UK-WALES)
School of X (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Scrounge (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sebastian Plano (Rosario ARGENTINA)
Shannen James (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Sinead O’Brien (Limerick IRELAND)
Sir Woman (Austin TX)
Sofía Valdés (Panama City PANAMA)
sogumm (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Sophie Hutchings (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Sorry (London UK-ENGLAND)
Souly Had (Albany NY)
Sparoh (Atlanta GA)
Squid (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Steven Bamidele (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Sycco (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Sydney Wright (Austin TX)
Tayo Sound (Reading UK-ENGLAND)
Tebi Rex (Maynooth IRELAND)
The Teeta (Austin TX)
TEKE :: TEKE (Montreal CANADA)
Tessellated (Kingston JAMAICA)
Theon Cross (London UK-ENGLAND)
Tokyo Jetz (Jacksonville FL)
Tomi Agape (London UK-ENGLAND)
Travis Birds (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Tuyo (Curitiba BRAZIL)
TV Priest (London UK-ENGLAND)
Valdez Garza (San Antonio TX)
Van Mary (Austin TX)
Vaundy (Tokyo JAPAN)
Vaya Futuro (Mexico City MEXICO)
Vero (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Villano Antillano (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Virginia Wing (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Vocal Vidas (Santiago CUBA)
Walt Disco (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
The Wandering Hearts (London UK-ENGLAND)
Wavy The Creator (Lagos NIGERIA)
Weird Milk (Buckingham UK-ENGLAND)
William Harries Graham (Austin TX)
Ximena Sariñana (Mexico City MEXICO)
Yard Act (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Ydegirl (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Yendry (Miami FL)
Yoshi Vintage (Flint MI)
Yotto (Helsinki FINLAND)
Yung Baby Tate (Atlanta GA)

SXSW Online Platform

SXSW, besides being one of the most amazing and diverse festivals in the world, was also key to Bomba’s career. The first time we played there we managed to get contacts such as signing with our former label in the US (Nacional) and booking for several European festivals. It’s awesome how Austin can be so musical and unite so many different genres during these days.

Bomba Estereo

The New York Times - Music Fest

Originally a scrappy showcase for new bands, South by Southwest — or “South By,” as it is widely known — has long since morphed into a vast mix of media, marketing and pop culture, where major brands intermingle with tech start-ups and independent musicians to mutually drum up buzz.

The New York Times


SXSW has taught me so much about Music, Culture and even Technology! Every time I go, I learn something new! Plus, people come from all over the world, so this ain't your regular Festival ! Also getting a chance to meet attendees has been invaluable as they somehow down line the line lead to more opportunities. But most of all SXSW is fun ! As music should be! Doot doola doot doo...


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