SXSW hosts many distinctly different exhibitions that connect people from all over the world.

Lockheed Martin at the SXSW Trade Show 2019 - Photo by Aaron Rogosin

Lockheed Martin at the SXSW Trade Show 2019 - Photo by Aaron Rogosin

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In addition to providing a platform for the most groundbreaking and diverse panels, sessions, and festivals, SXSW hosts many different world-class exhibitions.

While at SXSW, take your discovery a step further with the SXSW Trade Show and Gaming Expo. Exhibitions such as Flatstock, SXSW Marketplace, and SXSW Wellness Expo are free and open to the public. SXSW Exhibitions feature dynamic, forward-thinking businesses and organizations that are changing the game and looking to share their stories with thousands of creative professionals from around the world.

Trade Show

The SXSW Trade Show is open to innovative businesses and organizations in the following categories: international delegations, startups, content creators, lifestyle technology, marketing, manufacturing, design and innovation, robotics, hardware and software, security, government technology programs, social impact, sports technology, VR/AR/MR, online media, health and fitness, music technology, artist services, and food technology.

SXSW Marketplace

Featuring dozens of local, national, and global brands, SXSW Marketplace lets your business sell its products to tens of thousands of SXSW attendees. If you’re a clothing, accessories, or art company, SXSW Marketplace is the exhibition for you!

Flatstock 73

Presented by the American Poster Institute (API), Flatstock 73 displays the works of the world’s top gig poster artists. The show features posters of varying styles, colors, and techniques for sale by the talented artists who created them

SXSW Wellness Expo

The SXSW Wellness Expo connects tens of thousands of SXSW attendees interested in wellness to some of the most promising companies in this fast-growing industry. Consider exhibiting at the SXSW Wellness Expo if your business focuses on herbs and supplements, athleisure and fitness gear, lifestyle brands, CBD products, clean beauty products, clean eating, specialty diets, energy healers, mental and physical exercise, or wellness retreats.

SXSW Gaming Expo

The SXSW Gaming Expo showcases gaming culture in a unique atmosphere of exploration and discovery. Featuring interactive exhibits from game developers and manufacturers and highlights like the Discovery Stage and Tabletop Experience, the Gaming Expo offers a deep dive into the latest in gaming.

SXSW Exhibitions

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