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Step 1: Identify which SXSW badge is right for you Step 2: Register to attend Step 3: Book a hotel room Step 4: Make travel arrangments Step 5: Create a SXsocial account Step 6: Enjoy SXSW!

Registration badges are required for access to SXSW Conference, Festival, and Trade Show events.

Click the badge type in the grid below for more information and to register for SXSW 2016.

2016 Registration Rates & Deadlines

Badge Type thru
Sep 11
Oct 23
Nov 20
Jan 15
Feb 12


Music Badge

$650 $695
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$725 $750 $795 $895

Film Badge

$525 $550
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$575 $625 $650 $695

Interactive Badge

$825 $925
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$1025 $1095 $1195 $1295

Gold Badge

(Film + Interactive)

$1025 $1125
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$1225 $1295 $1395 $1495

Platinum Badge

(Music + Film + Interactive)

$1345 $1425
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$1495 $1575 $1645 $1745

Early registrants benefit from discounted rates, which expire at 11:59pm CT on the deadlines shown above.
NOTE: Platinum and Gold badges DO NOT provide priority entry to events over other badges.

Badge Comparison

Programs & EventsMusicFilmInteractiveGoldPlatinum
SXSW Trade Show
SXSW Exhibitions*
Music Conference Programming
Music Networking
Music Festival Showcases (Nighttime)
Film Conference Programming
Film Networking
Film Festival Screenings, Premieres & Awards
Interactive Programming
Interactive Networking
Convergence Programs
Radio & International Day Stage Programs
SXXpress Passes
SXSW Festival Shuttles
Hotel Priority Booking & Booking Assistance
Closing BBQ & Softball Tournament
Access to SXsocial

All Badges Receive Access to:

SXSW Gaming Expo, SXSW Job Market, Registrants Lounge, SX Bookstore and Signings, Gaming Awards, SXSW Create, Flatstock Poster Show, The Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards, SouthBites Trailer Park, Auditorium Shores Outdoor Concerts, Urban Oasis

SXSW Materials: Registrant Big Bag, Program, Pocket Guide, & One-Year Subscription to SXSWorld®.

Available Networking Events: (Each Sold Separately)

All Badges: Merchandise
Interactive / Film / Gold / Platinum: Taco Meet Up, BBQ Crash Course
Music / Platinum: Music Taco Meet Up

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