Attendee Photo & Video Policy

We are excited for you to share your SXSW, SXSW EDU (the “Event(s)”) experiences with your friends on social media, but it’s imperative that our community also respects the rights of the creators that participate in SXSW. This Attendee Photo & Video Policy covers what is and isn’t allowed so that we can all achieve our goals. When we refer to “content” that includes, without limitation, videos, clips, photographs, audio recordings, text, graphics, logos, icons, images and software made available to the attendee during the Events.

In-Person Event

Smart phones and point-and-shoot digital cameras without interchangeable lenses are allowed at the SXSW Conference and SXSW EDU for recording of content for personal, non-commercial (non-sponsored and non-monetized) use, subject to the limitations below.

Attendees may take photos and record video from their seats, as long as they are not standing in the press area, obstructing or blocking views, using any sort of device like a tripod or selfie-stick, or using a flash after the session begins. Live streaming of any kind is prohibited.

Attendees are prohibited from taking photos or recording video where it is unsafe or disruptive such as in doorways, fire exits, expo floor aisles, hallways, walkways, lobbies, pre-function areas, sidewalks, etc. Not complying with a request to move or stop capturing content could result in your removal.

We encourage attendees to use the SXSW backdrops and props placed around our venues for personal photo opportunities with handheld cameras only. Tripods, selfie sticks, camera stabilizers, additional lighting, cabling, and/or other recording accessories are not permitted.

Attendees (excluding media attendees) may not have professional camera equipment (i.e., cameras with changeable lenses) in the SXSW Conference, SXSW EDU, official SXSW Music Festival showcases (including the Outdoor Stage), Film & TV Festival Screenings, Interactive Festival events, or Comedy Festival showcases. SLR/DSLR/DSLM cameras, large format cameras, laptop computers, and any other professional equipment for recording or aiding in the recording of still images or videos are not allowed.

For any questions about this policy, please contact

Additionally, all SXSW and SXSW EDU attendees agree to the SXSW Participation & Credentials Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use, and Code of Conduct.

For photo policy information for non-media registrants or the general public, please go here. For information about the SXSW trademarks, please visit the SXSW Trademark Guidelines.

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