SXSW iBeacon™

SXSW will be using iBeacon™ technology this March with the official SXSW GO® mobile app.

Using Bluetooth LE technology, the app incorporates beacon zones to provide attendees with a comprehensive view of other attendees in the vicinity, inspiring more meaningful connections. The beacons will also provide useful event messages based on location, show which bands are playing at a nearby venue, and more.

Around Me is a feature in SXSW GO that allows you to see nearby attendees, and if you feel like networking, you can even introduce yourself with a quick message.

To participate in the beacon program this year, log into SXSW GO and link your badge. Make sure you have "Notifications" turned on, allow Bluetooth, and you’re all set.

Will it work on my smartphone? You’ll need iOS 7 or later, OR Android 4.4.3+ Kitkat or 5.0 Lollipop or later, on a Bluetooth-enabled compatible device.

Stay tuned for beacon integration coming in the next mobile app update in early March!

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