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Journey into fantastical virtual versions of iconic Austin locations and experience a wide array of XR programming during SXSW 2022 including live panels, special events, Virtual Cinema, and more.

About SXSW Online XR


SXSW Online XR 2022 will once again bring the Austin experience into the virtual world! We plan to showcase live panels, meet ups, special events, live theatre performances, SXSW Film Festival Poster Gallery, and a selection of 360° videos from the Virtual Cinema program. For the 2021 event, we had live panels, meet ups, special events, live theatre performances, SXSW Film Festival Poster Gallery, and a selection of 360° videos from the Virtual Cinema program in venues including the Paramount Theatre, Contemporary Austin, Mohawk, Empire Control Room & Garage, and Cedar Street Courtyard.

SXSW worked with world-renowned artists and the social XR events studio VRrOOm to design and produce the festival’s virtual edition hosted on VRChat.

Check out select panels and clips from the 2021 event in our SXSW Online XR Playlist.

2021 SXSW Online XR Program


Live Sessions

Making of Reeducated: A VR New Yorker DocumentaryReeducated is a first-of-its-kind 3D 360 VR documentary about detention in Xinjiang, China, guided by the overlapping recollections of three men who were imprisoned together at the same facility. Part of a major multimedia project from The New Yorker, the 20-minute immersive film is based on more than a dozen hours of interviews and uses hand-drawn watercolor cel animation and ambisonic sound to visualize an otherwise inaccessible, authoritarian space. Filmmakers Sam Wolson and Ben Mauk discuss the making of this project and the difficulties of reporting on Xinjiang that led them to working with firsthand witness accounts, animation, and VR.

Shared Space: A Conversation About XR Public Art – Join New Frontiers Curator Shari Frilot and XR artist Nancy Baker Cahill to discuss XR art in shared public space. What constitutes public art or even public space in the digital era? How can these sites be activated for thoughtful discourse, inclusion and access?

Performing for New XR Audiences – A discussion about the future of theatre and performing for new audiences, from the team of Finding Pandora X, SXSW Spotlight program feature and winner of the Lion for “Best VR Immersive User Experience” at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival. With Broadway doors closed through the summer of 2021, this panel offers forward-thinking techniques to creating live theatre in socially connected virtual worlds. Our cast and creative team will share insights into the embodiment of avatars and the differences between performing for a physical audience versus a virtual audience.

Virtual Cinema Special Events

Backstage Tours of Mount Olympus
Come take a tour of Mount Olympus, the stage for the Finding Pandora X! The team will take you through this beautiful world created in VRChat.

Dream (United Kingdom)
Director: Robin McNicholas
Special access to a live, online performance set in a virtual midsummer forest. Theatre, music and groundbreaking technology combine in an extraordinary exploration into the future of live performance. Follow a sprite on a moonlit journey through the night until dawn. The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), in collaboration with Manchester International Festival (MIF), Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) and Philharmonia Orchestra will stage a live performance using motion capture as the culmination of a major piece of cutting-edge research and development (R&D).

Theon Cross – ‘We Go Again’ (United Kingdom)
Director: Crispin Parry
Virtual avatar of Theon Cross performing ‘We Go Again.’ This project was devised by British Underground and produced by FKB to combine our two areas of interest at SXSW – new music and immersive technology. The motion capture was filmed at the world famous Abbey Road Studios during our Jazz refreshed SXSW sessions. (World Premiere)

Welcome To The Other Side (SXSW Special) (France)
Directors: Jean-Michel Jarre, Denis Semionov
Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre teams with French VR startup VRrOOm for a trailblazing concert-spectacular set in the virtual environment of the planetary landmark Notre-Dame de Paris. Also, for the very first time, experience excerpts from the show at your fingertips in the new standalone app for Oculus Quest! (World Premiere)

Welcome To The Other Side – After Party
Welcome to the after-party of electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre’s NYE concert spectacular in a virtual Notre-Dame! Enjoy the concert replay on a gigantic screen, enter each track in 360 and sip a cocktail in the Zeppelin hovering above Paris!

Welcome To The Other Side – Cryptoart
Following the electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre’s NYE concert spectacular in a virtual Notre-Dame, explore the crypto art exhibition based on the concert highlights, featuring digital pictures and videos authored by the French artist. (World Premiere)

Meet Ups and Parties

French Immersion, A Deep Dive Into the French Ecosystem
You are invited to meet in VR with “la crème de la crème” of the French directors, artists and producers. It will also be an opportunity to chat with some of the XR experts interviewed for “FR//XR: A Handbook for Immersive Producers” and to learn more about the program French Immersion, initiated by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US.

IDFA DocLab’s do {not} play Meet Up
In this special edition of IDFA DocLab’s do {not} play, we invite you to meet other SXSW festival-goers, drink across time zones or join the 24/7 dance floor of Distance Disco. Please make sure to use Google Chrome and a desktop computer/laptop.

VR/AR/XR Developer Meet Up
Come join the SXSW annual developer meet up for those working or interested in working in immersive development!

XR Industry Meet Up
Meet with other XR industry professionals.

SXSW Online XR Opening Party
Special performance by physicist and artist Byrke Lou.

Intermission Party
With an exclusive AV set featuring never before heard tracks from Miro Shot’s upcoming album and collaborations from within the Miro Shot Collective.

SXSW Closing Night Party Join other XR aficionados and SXSW Online passholders of all stripes for a closing night celebration.

Poster Gallery

Check out the SXSW Film Festival Poster Gallery, on view in SXSW Online XR. The winning Poster design will be announced on Friday, March 19.

Art Program

Artist: Nancy Baker Cahill
In Legacy, a VR and AR experience in 360°, Nancy Baker Cahill addresses the current discrete but connected threats of climate change and gentrification. The artwork illustrates these entropic forces by animating an abstracted tree as it twists, breaks apart, and coalesces. (World Premiere)

Virtual Cinema

Explore previously-announced Virtual Cinema programming below that will be available in SXSW Online XR.

Virtual Cinema Competition

World and International Premieres of exciting immersive work.

Biolum (France, United Kingdom)
Director: Abel Kohen, Screenwriter: Jon Rowe, Producers: Igal Kohen, Katharina Weser, Paul Kirsten
Biolum is an interactive, narrative VR sci-fi experience which immerses you in the mysterious beauty of deep sea life on a dive that takes a shocking turn for the worse. (World Premiere)

(Hi)story of a Painting (United Kingdom)
Directors: Gaëlle Mourre, Quentin Darras, Screenwriter: Gaëlle Mourre, Producers: Charlotte Mikkelborg, Gaëlle Mourre
(Hi)story of a Painting journeys into the story behind La Grande Jatte, an iconic painting by Georges Seurat that we all know but don’t actually truly know… until now. Follow us as we learn how Georges went from underdog to world-renowned artist. (World Premiere)

Of Hybrids and Strings (Australia, France, Germany)
Director: Lauren Moffatt, Producer: Fabbula
Of Hybrids and Strings is a fabulatory immersion into possible human and non-human connectedness. In a forest, at night, one becomes strangely entangled to plants and creatures. Until the forest starts to crystallize… (World Premiere)

The Passengers: Her & Him (Canada, France)
Director: Ziad Touma, Screenwriter: Nicolas Peufaillit, Producers: Ziad Touma, Oriane Hurard
Enter the thoughts of one of the Passengers, and help them face a pivotal moment in their lives. Welcome aboard an interactive VR experience, in which your gaze and voice influence the story. (International Premiere)

Poison (Republic of Korea)
Directors: Meesol Yi, Cooper Sanghyun Yoo, Screenwriter: Hyunsoo So, Producer: Wooyeol Jeon
Through Poison, an immersive VR experience, users are expected to feel the intelligence of the virus and its danger intuitively. Our primary goal is to let the people be alert, be aware of our enemies, and think about what we can do for our lives. (World Premiere)

A Promise Kept
Directors: Ken Winikur, Ariel Efron, Screenwriters: Susan Abrams, Ariel Efron, Kelley Szany, Ken Winikur, Producers: Susan Abrams, Kelley Szany
This gripping virtual reality experience takes you on a journey back to the notorious Auschwitz killing center with Holocaust Survivor, Fritzie Fritzshall as she fulfills her promise to the 599 women who helped save her life. (World Premiere)

Director: Sam Wolson, Producers: Ben Mauk, Sam Wolson, Nicholas Rubin, Matt Huynh
Reeducated takes viewers inside a “reeducation” camp in Xinjiang, China, guided by the recollections of three men who were caught in what is likely the largest mass-internment drive of ethnic and religious minorities since the Second World War. (World Premiere)

Samsara (Taiwan)
Director/Screenwriter: Huang Hsin-Chien, Producer: Tsau Saiau-Yue
Samsara Episode 1 VR explores the concept of the Embodied Cognition. In this experience, the audiences will be transformed into different beings’ bodies and experience the world from entirely new perspectives. (World Premiere)

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience Episode 2: Advance (Canada, United States)
Director: Félix Lajeunesse, Screenwriters: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël, Producers: Felix & Paul Studios in association with TIME Studios
The largest production ever filmed in space, Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is an epic four-part immersive series that invites you to join eight astronauts on life-changing missions aboard the International Space Station. (World Premiere)

Virtual Cinema Spotlight

Shining a spotlight on acclaimed immersive works.

4 Feet High VR (Argentina, France)
Directors: Maria Belen Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, Damian Turkieh, Screenwriters: Greta Molas, Javier Correa Caceres, Elisa Gagliano, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, Maria Belen Poncio, Delphine Agut, Ivana Galdeano, Gabriela Vidal, Producers: Ezequiel Lenardon, Marie Blondiaux
Imagine your last year of High School in a wheelchair. Cast List: Marisol Agostina Irigoyen, Florencia Licera, Marcio Ramses, Natalia Di Cienzo, Francisca Spinotti (Texas Premiere)

Finding Pandora X
Director: Kiira Benzing, Screenwriter: Alyssa Landry, Producers: Kiira Benzing, Lara Bucarey, Chris Dawes, Alyssa Landry
With the passing of ages, the Gods of Mount Olympus have faded away until only two remain: Zeus and Hera. Now they are in danger of disappearing if they can’t recover the box of hope that Pandora removed. (North American Premiere)

Meet Mortaza (France)
Director: Joséphine Derobe, Screenwriters: Joséphine Derobe, Mortaza Jami, Producers: Oriane Hurard, Quentin Noirfalisse
An immersive experience telling the journey of an afghan refugee. (U.S. Premiere)

Director/Screenwriter: Erick Oh, Producers: Larry Cutler, Eric Darnell, Maureen Fan, Kane Lee
A narrative poem brought to life as an animated VR film, and an ode to a grandfather’s passing, this story follows the journey of a budding artist – and his tree of life – from beginning to end. (Texas Premiere)

Odyssey 1.4.9 (France)
Director: François Vautier, Producer: Jeremy Sahel
A breathtaking VR journey into the visual heart of A Space Odyssey. A personal tribute unveiling the secrets of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece. (U.S. Premiere)

Once Upon a Sea (Canada)
Director: Adi Lavy, Screenwriter: Heidi Miller, Producers: Ina Fichman, Nimrod Shanit
Once Upon a Sea is a stunning, immersive trip to the Dead Sea region, the lowest place on earth – and it is our call to action. If nothing is done, the Dead Sea as we know it will be gone for good. (North American Premiere)

Paper Birds (Argentina)
Directors: German Heller, Federico Carlini, Screenwriter: German Heller, Producers: German Heller, Federico Carlini
Paper Birds is the story of a short sighted child with an exceptional talent for music. He must find his way through the world of darkness to bring back his sister, taken away by the shadows.

Potato Dreams
Director/Screenwriter: Wes Hurley, Producers: Mischa Jakupcak, Wes Hurley, Mara Auster, Jonathan Caso
Russian mother and son narrate this innovative 360 documentary which traces their nightmarish past in the USSR. (Texas Premiere)

Under the Skin (Brazil, China, Germany, Luxembourg, United States)
Director: João Inada, Screenwriters: Thamyra Thâmara, Andressa Núbia, Jon Thomaz, Rafael Cruz, Raull Santiago, João Inada, Producer: Diogo Dahl
Under the Skin is an interactive VR documentary that brings users to Complexo do Alemão — Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious favela complex—during a surprise police operation, meeting residents who face police abuse and structural racism. (North American Premiere)

WebbVR: The James Webb Space Telescope Virtual Experience
Director: Chad Smith
Join the James Webb Space Telescope in orbit beyond the Moon and explore the universe from its perspective. Planetary systems are born, galaxies form, and stars emerge from within colorful nebulas—all before your eyes.


The Worlds will feature murals from around Austin, including:

The Beauty of Liberty and Equality by Shepard Fairey | and Sandra Chrevier
Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier collaborated with American street artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey on an iconic 12-story mural that was painted on the west side of The LINE. The design fuses both of their styles and incorporates iconography that evokes the power of women and the history of women’s rights in this country. This project was in collaboration with Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation and The Line Hotel.

Be Well Curated by Raasin in the Sun
Raasin in the Sun curated murals at the Lamar Underpass (South of 5th Street). In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the purpose of the project is to share positive, uplifting and/or informative messages to promote physical and mental health. It is our hope that these murals will be a gentle reminder for us all. Choosing 6 local artists to complete this 10,000 square foot mural in Austin, TX.
Niz G
Samara Barks
Kimie Flores
Rex Hamilton
Carmen Rangel

Greetings from Austin by Todd Sanders
The Austin mural was initially painted in 1998 by artist Todd Sanders, owner of Roadhouse Relics. Sanders and his friend Roy Skagen intended to add color to a neighborhood that was, at the time, taking a turn for the worse. Twenty years later and “Greetings From Austin” is still shining, as vibrant as ever after being restored in November 2013.

Defend Red River by Jiminai

Hi-Stereo by Shepard Fairey,

Bring Music Home
The Bring Music Home (BMH) multimedia project partnered with amazing poster artists across the country to create a unique, city-specific poster for the nearly 30 cities featured in the “Bring Music Home” book. Crafted in the midst of a pandemic, these posters celebrate the spirit of music in each city and provided immediate relief for these independent venue owners through NIVA.

The team collaborated with dozens of incredible artists and asked them to create their own interpretation of live music in their city. This artwork is also featured in the book. Every poster purchased directly benefits the music industry, with 100% of sales supporting NIVA.

Poster Artists:
New York City: Jose Berrio
Austin: Justin Prince
Nashville: Josh Shearon
San Francisco: Gabriel May
Los Angeles: Young & Sick
Seattle (Robot): Shogo Ota
Seattle (Signs): Victor Melendez
Chicago: Eliza Weber
New Orleans: Jason Sayatovic
Philadelphia: Kate Otte
Houston: Carlos Hernandez
Washington, D.C.: Cindy Sun
Portland: Pilar Zeta
Memphis: Mia Saine
Detroit: Rebecca Goldberg
Minneapolis: Alexis Politz
Atlanta: Vanya Padnamabhan
Las Vegas: Franky Aguilar
Boston: Joey Mars
Dallas: Hunter Moehring
Denver: Mike Graves
Pittsburgh: Jeff Koch
San Antonio: Regina Morales
Miami: Natash Tomchin
Baltimore: Julia Fletcher
Phoenix: Quinn Wilson
Charlotte: David Haire
San Diego: Andrew McGranahan
Tulsa: Jose Berrio

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