SXXpress (South by Express) is a feature pass for the SXSW Music and Film Festivals. These passes do not guarantee admission to music venues or film screenings, but will allow eligible badgeholders with these passes to gain admission to Film screenings 30 minutes before showtime or go to the head of the Primary Access line for Music showcases.

SXXpress passes will be distributed in the Palazzo at the Austin Convention Center near Exhibit Hall 1 on the Cesar Chavez side of the building.

SXXpress Film passes will be available to Film and Platinum badgeholders from Friday, March 10 through Saturday, March 18. SXXpress Music passes will be available from Tuesday, March 14 through Saturday, March 18 for holders of Music or Platinum badges. Interactive badgeholders are not eligible for SXXpress passes.

A limited number of SXXpress passes will be allocated to each Film Screening and Music Showcase, and an individual badgeholder can pick up a limited number of passes per day. Computers at SXXpress pick-up will track the number of passes each registrant has picked up along with the total number issued for each venue or theater. When a venue or theater has distributed its allotted number of passes, signage at the pick-up point will list that particular venue/show/screening as “not available.” The system will not allow passes to be printed once a music venue or theater has issued all of its passes for that day and/or a registrant has picked up their daily allotment. “Not available” does not mean a show or film screening is sold out, only that there are no more SXXpress passes available. Registrants can still gain entry to most clubs and film screenings with their badges, subject to venue or theater capacity and age restrictions.

SXXpress passes are only valid when accompanied by the corresponding badge. Entry is subject to capacity.

During the Film Festival (March 10-18) – Platinum and Film badgeholders will be allotted two passes per day. You can collect passes for the current and the following day, so you can get up to four passes in a single visit. SXXpress Film passes will guarantee a seat if used no later than 30 minutes before a film starts. After that time, you must join the Primary Access line with other Film and Platinum badgeholders.

During the Music Festival (March 14-18) – Music badgeholders will be allotted one pass per day, while Platinum badgeholders will be allotted two passes per day. When a music venue is at capacity and admitting “one in and one out,” an SXXpress pass will give you priority entry in the Primary Access line over badgeholders without SXXpress passes and attendees with wristbands.

Each pass for the Music Festival will contain the registrant’s name, the day, date and the name of the music venue. SXXpress passes are non-transferable. SXSW Music Festival will make a determination in advance of each show on how many passes will be issued.

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