From thousand-seat room Featured Speakers to one-on-one Mentor Sessions, learn more about the many programming formats at the SXSW Conference.

SXSW Mentor Session – 2019 – Photo by Edward Bennett

SXSW Mentor Session – 2019 – Photo by Edward Bennett

Conference Formats


The SXSW Conference offers a variety of different programming formats that empower attendees to learn, discover, and connect. Make the most of your experience by understanding which of these formats will work best for achieving your creative and career-enhancing goals!

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Keynotes are some of the world’s most inspired thinkers and speakers, covering a wide range of compelling topics. These powerful presentations by diverse visionaries from the ever-evolving worlds of Interactive, Film, and Music are the center of the SXSW Conference.

Featured Sessions


Looking for mind-expanding presentations by industry leaders? SXSW Conference Featured Sessions bring together some of the biggest and brightest names of our time. Spanning various themes and trends at SXSW, Featured Speakers present a snapshot of the most transformative ideas shaping our future.

Presentations / Panels


The vast majority of our Presentation and Panel programming is sourced through our community via PanelPicker®.

Presentations include one to two experts offering deep dives into targeted topics. Panels feature between three and four industry professionals sharing different perspectives and opinions based on a specific subject, making for a lively conversation. Session Formats are 60 minutes in length.



Deep dive sessions with more hands-on learning activities and specific takeaways for professional growth and development. Session time ranges from 90-120 minutes.

Mentor Sessions


Mentor Sessions offer one-on-one coaching by professionals from all areas of the tech, film, and music industries. Within the 90 minute duration of Mentor Sessions, there will be six one-on-one meetings lasting 15 minutes each.

Advance sign-up is required – stay tuned for more information.

Round Tables


Each Round Table brings three industry experts together with SXSW attendees for an informal and enlightening discussion on a specific topic. Industry insiders will spend 20 minutes at each table before switching.

Advance sign-up is required – stay tuned for more information.

Meet Ups


With SXSW attracting registrants from all over the world, Meet Ups are a more relaxed way to connect, seek out inspiration, and find collaboration opportunities across a wide range of industries, interests and groups.

Short Form


Short solo presentations featuring the wisdom and experience from the SXSW community, and focused on a very specific topic. Session time ranges from 5-15 minutes.

Book Reading


Hour-long sessions focusing on the launch of a new book, giving the author and audience a chance to explore the themes or motifs present in their work. These are a great way for both first-time and returning authors to showcase their latest title to a diverse audience.

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