Lena Dunham and Samantha Barry on Authenticity and Media at SXSW 2018 [Video]

What does it mean to be "authentic" media in 2018? When it comes to a female audience, what do they value and connect to? These are some of the questions that Editor-in-Chief of Glamour Magazine Samantha Barry and actor, writer, and filmmaker Lena Dunham explore during their Featured Session, Authenticity and Media in 2018, at the 2018 SXSW Conference.

"I've always wanted to operate from a place of erasing shame. I haven't always done it successfully and I haven't always pulled it off perfectly." – Dunham

The pair spoke about a number of different topics from Dunham's decision to get a hysterectomy and her award-winning series Girls to social media and what she is currently working on. When discussing advertising and finding an audience, the subject of Dunham's feminist publication Lenny Letter, which she co-created with her producing partner Jenni Konner in 2015, naturally came up. "It is really, really, really important that women get paid to tell their stories and to do their work," said Dunham. "It is something that is becoming increasingly rare on the internet."

In addition to her session, Dunham made an appearance in the SXSW Film Festival selection, Half the Picture. The documentary consists of interviews with high profile women directors including SXSW alums Ava DuVernay, Jill Soloway, and many more. These powerhouse female filmmakers discuss how they made their first features, how they transitioned to studio films or television, how they balance a demanding directing career with family, and challenges and joys along the way.

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Photo by Amy E. Price/Getty Images

By Neha Aziz