The World Premiere of Civil War at SXSW 2024 Conference & Festivals

Inside the SXSW World Premiere of Civil War

Screening A Love Letter To Journalists

From the creator of Ex Machina (2014) and Annihilation (2018), Alex Garland brought his latest dystopian feature, Civil War, to the SXSW Conference & Festivals. The A24 project was met with jam-packed audiences teeming with anticipation as it launched on screens here in Austin.

The World Premiere was an opportunity for interviews on the SXSW Conference stage, the Film & TV Festival Red Carpet, and in a Post-Screening Q&A. It's in these talks where we uncover the thought-provoking context the creators intended while perhaps opening space for a bigger conversation.


Richard Whittaker, journalist at The Austin Chronicle, sat down with filmmaker Alex Garland and Civil War cast for the SXSW Conference Featured Session. Garland recounts his father's newspaper colleagues and how he was inspired by an adolescence in the company of war correspondents. From there, he was able to mold a compelling storyline, calling attention to the bravery, dedication, and responsibility of journalists.

"Kirsten and Wagner's characters are in the whirlwind and being knocked each way, trying to hold onto what they believe but also being destroyed by it. And then trying to warn this younger journalist from entering into that world. Not just for their physical safety, but also their psychological safety." – Alex Garland, Civil War Writer/Director


World Premiere Red Carpet

The highly anticipated narrative made it's debut where the cast and creator of Civil War greeted fans and walked the Red Carpet before heading into the screening.

"The challenge was that it's a very intense and provocative film, but also really about humanity. And what happens when people stop communicating with each other and treating each other like human beings." – Kirsten Dunst, Actor

Civil War Red Carpet + Q&A

2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival

A Conversation with Civil War Filmmaker Alex Garland and Cast

2024 SXSW Conference

Civil War | A24 Trailer


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(Teaser Photo:) Kirsten Dunst arrives at the "Civil War" Premiere - Photo by Andy Wenstrand; (Hero Photo:) Featured Session: A Conversation with "Civil War" Filmmaker Alex Garland and Cast – Photo by Andy Wenstrand

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