SXSW Podcast Stage with John Kerry, Wanda James, Bon Appétit’s Adam Rapoport & More

This year's Podcast Stage Presented by uStudio will be home to over 35 podcasts covering a wide variety of topics from all parts of the SXSW Conference, all recorded before a live audience in an intimate stage setting. Podcasts in the lineup touch on music, film, comedy, technology, politics, and more, and will take place Friday, March 13 to Friday, March 20 in the Hilton Austin Downtown.

"I'm excited for the intimate and eclectic mix of programming that the SXSW Podcast Stage brings to the conference every year," said Casey Slater, SXSW Senior Conference Programmer. "The stage is a perfect melting pot for all of SXSW’s content from film, music, health, social impact, style, politics, and more."

"Podcasts continue to attract the attention of millions and are a superior channel for communication. uStudio is thrilled to be the sponsor of the SXSW podcast stage and believe it is the perfect sponsorship fit for our business’ ground-breaking approach to audio in the enterprise. We look forward to seeing the range of insights, talent, and the impact that this year’s podcast stage brings." - Neil Garrett, VP of Marketing at uStudio

The podcasts chosen for this year's lineup reflect the truly diverse nature of SXSW as a whole – from Michael Isikoff, John Kerry, Daniel Klaidman, and Sharon Weinberger discussing the lead up to election day during Yahoo News' Skullduggery with John Kerry to David Bienenstock, Wanda James, and Abdullah Saeed doing a deep dive into the history of Colorado’s recreational cannabis dispensaries during Great Moments in Weed History Podcast while Max Lugavere records a conversation on how to live to 100 through living a healthy and active lifestyle with Molly Maloof.

SXSW Podcast Stage Highlights

Yahoo News' Skullduggery with John Kerry

Speakers: Michael Isikoff, John Kerry, Daniel Klaidman, and Sharon Weinberger

Former Secretary of State John Kerry will join Yahoo News’ Skullduggery co-hosts Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff, Editor in Chief Dan Klaidman, and DC Bureau Chief Sharon Weinberger for a lively conversation about the launch of “World War Zero” — a major new initiative to mobilize Americans and citizens everywhere to tackle climate change and pollution as well as the 2020 Election and more. The podcast aims to break news and offer authoritative analysis while helping listeners discern which developments really matter and which are overblown.

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Slow Burn Podcast

In its first two seasons, Slow Burn looked back at two of the biggest stories of the late 20th century—the Watergate scandal and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Season three, hosted by Joel Anderson, tackles another: the murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. The story takes place at a moment when hip-hop was taking over pop culture, and a former theater kid from the Bay Area and a one-time crack dealer from Brooklyn were changing the music industry forever. They went from friends to enemies. And they ended up victims of a deadly rivalry between two rap scenes. How is it that two of the most famous performers in the world were murdered within a year of each other—and their killings were never solved?

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Bon Appétit Foodcast

Bon Appétit Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport is bringing the #1 podcast in food to SXSW! The BA Foodcast covers it all: interviews with chefs, writers, and, well, anyone who has something cool to say about food. In this live edition, Adam is joined by Chefs Gabe Erales and Philip Speer of Austin’s Comedor to discuss a wave of sober chefs seeking to make the restaurant industry a healthier, more supportive place. Carla Lalli Music and Andy Baraghani from the BA Test Kitchen will appear on stage for a fun ‘Ask Us Anything’ session. No question is off-limits!

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The Genius Life Podcast with Max Lugavere and Molly Maloof

Speakers: Max Lugavere, and Molly Maloof

Max Lugavere, health and science journalist, New York Times bestselling author of "Genius Foods" and host of the internationally renowned health and wellness podcast The Genius Life records a conversation live with longevity physician Molly Maloof. The duo discusses how to live to 100 and beyond with topics including ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, exercise, nootropics, the quantified self, and meditation. Then they take questions from the audience, incorporating question and answer into the recording.

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Great Moments in Weed History Podcast

Speakers: David Bienenstock, Wanda James, and Abdullah Saeed

On New Year's Day 2014, Colorado's recreational cannabis dispensaries opened their doors for the first time. Both Abdullah and Bean were there, not just to buy some buds but also to report on a major news story that was clearly weed history in the making. The first-ever federal cannabis arrest took place in Denver in 1937. 75 years later, the first legal adult-use sale happened in the very same city. So how did this massive societal shift happen? To help tell the incredible story of Colorado's successful grassroots movement for cannabis legalization, we're joined by Wanda James, who became a leading activist in that cause after her brother was sentenced to ten years in prison for cannabis possession while still a teenager. A military veteran and a serial entrepreneur, James was the first African American owner of a state-licensed cannabis dispensary in the United States. In addition to telling the story of "Legalization Day" in Colorado, she'll also take us through the ups and downs of mixing cannabis with capitalism in the era of corporate weed.

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She Makes Money Moves: Modernizing Fertility

Speakers: Samantha Barry and Afton Vechery

Join Glamour’s Editor-in-Chief Samantha Barry for a special episode of She Makes Money Moves, featuring Afton Vechery, CEO and co-founder of Modern Fertility, discussing the ins and outs of fertility and how it intersects with our careers, money, and life. In this podcast, you’ll hear Afton’s story about discovering a fundamental lack of fertility information, which led her to build a business that is revolutionizing the fertility discussion for women everywhere—and all the challenges + successes in between. Women deserve more transparency and ownership as they plan their reproductive futures—so let's put a spotlight on the fertility conversation.

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Fuck Monday: Being Your Own Boss

Speakers: Ena Esco and Fresh Henry

Everybody wants to be a boss but few people know what it takes to successfully build a brand from the ground up. Social media and the ease of technology make creating a business platform simple, but there’s more to entrepreneurship than a catchy bio, product editorials, and a user-friendly website. Verbally Effective podcast host Ena Esco sits down with self-taught celebrity tailor and designer "Fresh" to uncover how he went from homeless and penniless to being one of the hottest tailors to the stars and owning his own LA-based production facility. Fresh will dispel misconceptions around setting price points and "free" promotions, share tips on creating brand recognition (including leveraging social media) and how to know if you're ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

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The Minority Report Podcast

Speakers: Kerel Cooper, Winter Mendelson, and Erik Requidan

Mass media shapes the lens through which we see the world, crafting social and gender norms that often stay with us for life. With an increased focus on equality across industries, media professionals are finding themselves doing a delicate dance between the desire to level the playing field and uncertainty over how to do so. An effective media landscape is one that reflects the diverse people that make up the world — but how do we get there? This live episode of The Minority Report podcast will feature host Kerel Cooper interviewing Winter Mendelson, Founder of Posture Media. They’ll discuss gender identities, the barriers to being heard in the media today, and how we can do more to amplify diverse bylines and perspectives.

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This Song Podcast

Speakers: Elizabeth McQueen and Thao Nguyen

On this This Song podcast, artists talk about the songs that formed their ideas about music and transformed the way they saw the world. The podcast is hosted by Elizabeth McQueen, who spent a decade of her life as a touring musician. During that time, she traveled the country and the world with her own band as well as with the legendary Western Swing band, Asleep at the Wheel. Her favorite moments were always before or after gigs when musicians would sit around and play each other the music they loved and talk about why they love it.

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The James Altucher Show LIVE w/ Featured Guest

Speaker: James Altucher

Come join professional interrupter and podcaster James Altucher as he conducts a live podcast interview. James Altucher inserts real-life curiosity into conversations with the world’s leading peak performers. But instead of your average success story, James digs deep to find the "Choose Yourself" story — where did this person struggle? How much did it hurt? How did they push through? Here’s a glimpse into who you might see James interview at SXSW: a self-made billionaire, a best-selling author, a beloved rapper, astronaut, elite athlete, top comedian, actor... whoever it is, we can tell you this: it's someone who forged their own path, found freedom, and harnessed their power to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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