New Episodes from Futurology: An Audible Original Podcast

Futurology - An Audible original podcast presented by SXSW

Feast your ears on new episodes from Futurology! This 12-episode Audible original podcast presented by SXSW prods and ponders essential topics about the world of tomorrow.

From technology changing the way we live and die to unpacking why we hoard so much stuff (SX tote bags, anyone?), delve into big questions and discover fascinating answers in the final four episodes of the Futurology series.

New Episodes

Stuff | What the hell are we gonna do with all this stuff? Why do we accumulate and cling so tightly to stuff - everything from the physical to the digital? Why are we saving old baseball gloves and thousands of photos on our phone we rarely look at? We take a trip to the proverbial basement to find out what reckoning with our past looks like, and speak with an expert who tells us how our DNA might hold the key to a future of limitless storage.

Climate | Can the kids actually win in their battle against the climate apocalypse? Talking about climate change can be…a bummer. So Futurology ditches the doom-and-gloom headlines to join the teenagers behind the climate activist group Youth Versus Apocalypse. They’re organized, pissed, and anything but resigned in their fight against climate change. But can they actually win?

Entertainment | How will entertainment change us? Have you ever been "transported" by a good book? A movie? What about an interactive virtual world? With entertainment as immersive as ever, we look at how imagined spaces can impact our real world selves.

Death | How will technology change the way we die? As our lives increasingly exist in digital spaces, how does death fit into our "endless scroll" mentality? In this show, we look at how tech is factoring death into algorithms, how COVID is reviving some older, more intimate death rituals, and we attend a funeral that ends with a boom.

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By Jordan Roberts