Buzz Aldrin at the me Convention with moderator Sarah Cruddas. Copyright Daimler AG


A Look Back: Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin

Opening Keynote: me Convention, September 15, 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

“We, the world, the United States can make a commitment that five decades ago, Eagle 1 landed on the moon. In two decades, Eagle 2, 3 and 4 can land on Mars.”

Buzz Aldrin was one of the three crew members of the Apollo 11 mission, and on July 21, 1969, became the second person to walk on the moon. In September, Aldrin gave the opening keynote entitled “Explore or Expire” at the inaugural me Convention in Frankfurt, Germany, an event presented by Mercedez-Benz in collaboration with SXSW.

Watch his keynote below and check here for me Convention and Mercedes-Benz happenings!

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