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Photo by Merrick Ales

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Drawing in developers, manufacturers, and fans from all facets of the community, the Gaming Expo is the epicenter of gaming culture at SXSW. Here is where you’ll find the Geek Stage, Esports Tournament Stage, Indie Corner, Tabletop Experience, Free Play PC Arena, and much more. It’s simply a bundle of awesome mixed with a dash of chaos where almost anything can happen. It all happens in the heart of the legendary SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive festival in Austin, Texas.


Thursday, March 17 | 12:00–8:00pm
Friday, March 18 | 12:00–8:00pm
Saturday, March 19 | 12:00–8:00pm


Austin Convention Center, Southside
Exhibit Halls 1 & 2


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Curious who'll be at the show this year? Check out the full list on the SXSW Gaming Exhibitors Page.

2016 Events

Geek Stage presented by IGN Entertainment

Looking to meet your favorite celebrities, witness never-before-seen of footage of the latest products, or simply geek out? We've got you covered with our best lineup of programming yet!
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For more information on the Geek Stage continue here.

Esports Tournament Stage presented by Curse Inc. and Twitch, produced by GoodGame Agency

Witness a spectacle of raw, epic power as the Gods of Smash clash in the heart of SXSW. With thousands of dollars on the line, who will emerge victorious?
Add to your schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
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Tabletop Experience presented by Hasbro and Geek & Sundry, produced by Sunmesa Events

Whether you're a tabletop fanatic or just looking for a new game, the Tabletop Experience will satisfy your need to conquer the board. Be sure to try out the latest arrivals, as well as long-time classics, with our exclusive library of over a hundred games!
Add to your schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
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Indie Corner

The greatest indie games from around the world have come to make their break on the big stage right here at SXSW. It's up to you to play through these 40 amazing games and decide which ones should take home our Gamer's Voice awards during the SXSW Gaming Awards ceremony.
Add to your schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
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Free Play PC Arena presented by Curse Inc. and Logitech, produced by Asterozoa

Looking to unwind from all the gaming madness going on at the Gaming Expo? Why not unwind with a nice relaxing... videogame! Utilize our fully-decked out line of gaming rigs at the Free Play PC Arena to play tons of the latest games on the market. Feeling adventurous? Sign up for one of our daily tournaments!
Add to your schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
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Mod Madness produced by Curse Inc.

Join your fellow game breakers and game makers during the Mod Madness event! With all the greatest mods to your favorite games, you'll be completely set for an afternoon of fun.
Add to your schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Videogame History Museum

The Videogame History Museum is really bringing back the classics at SXSW. With a curated selection of games representing the past 25 years of gaming history, how far back can you go and say "I remember that!"? Add to your schedule: Friday, Saturday

Free Play Arcade Bunker

Joysticks and gamepads are making a comeback at the Free Play Arcade Bunker with arcade cabinets and great games for all! Check this area out to relive those classic games you remember from years ago, and even try out some of your favorite recent games that have been redesigned for new arcade cabinets. Add to your schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
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Gamer’s Voice Stage presented by GameStop

Can't get enough of the indie takeover? Then join your favorite indies from the Indie Corner as they take the stage to pitch their games in front of hundreds of your fellow SXSW Gaming Expo attendees! Add to your schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

4th Annual Cosplay Competition produced by DugFinn Cosplay

We wouldn't be a true gaming event without paying respect to all the wonderful cosplayers out there in the world! If you're into cosplay and want to size yourself up against the competition, our annual Cosplay Competition is the place to be.
Add to your schedule: Saturday
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SXSW Gaming Expo 2015 Gallery

Photo by Joe Capraro Photo by Felipe Cardona Photo by Felipe Cardona Photo by Amy Ellinger Photo by Amy Ellinger Photo by Alex Wagner
Photo by Alex Wagner Photo by Alex Wagner Photo by Merrick Ales Photo by Merrick Ales Photo by Stacy Burnham Photo by Robert Santos


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2015 Gaming Expo photo by Merrick Ales