Exploring Virtual Production, AI, and Other Film Production Technologies

The film production process, whether for the big screen or TV, has changed quickly and radically. With the advent of so many new resources and techniques, how do we keep up? How do projects with indie budgets get a slice of the virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and brand-new technology pies?

Start your journey and learn how to use these tools to enhance your storytelling in the Making Film & Episodics Track. This SXSW Conference track covers film and television creation from script to post-production, with sessions designed to inspire and guide filmmakers through the strategies and techniques that are crucial to the craft.

An Idiot's Guide to Virtual Production is the best place to get a crash course in this subject. Discover what works, what doesn't, and where the technology can take storytelling in the future. Take notes from panelists Drew Diamond and Joe Henderson as they share their first hand experiences.

After you learn the ins and outs of virtual production, get a taste of what tools are available to you and how to take advantage — imagine the media’s future in a world where content alone is truly king. Democratizing Real-Time AI-Assisted Film Pipelines takes a deep dive into how machine learning opens the door to fresh narratives in media. Leading VFX experts and Hollywood studio representatives Mariana Acuña, Karen Idelson, Björne Larson, and Ted Schilowitz will take you on this journey.

If you want to sharpen your skills further, take a look at Empowering Storytellers with Real-Time Technology with Vlad Neykov and Megan O'Connor. This workshop details real-time production tools traditionally used in gaming. These tools, along with a wealth of online learning resources, are unlocking creative freedom for studios and independent artists who want to tell fresh and previously unheard stories to emergent audiences.

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By Neha Aziz