SXSW Film & TV Alumni Releases – January & February 2023

It's a great time to add screening SXSW Film & TV Festival official selections to your self-care routine. Feed your film-loving soul with the latest SXSW alumni releases each month.

No need to sign up for a new gym membership, our first alumni releases of the year will get your adrenaline pumping and your mind racing. Kicking off January releases, follow a woman terrorized by a stalker who forces her to confront her biggest fear in Jethica and embark on a married couple's journey to extremes after seeing their neighbor commit a crime in A Lot of Nothing. Plus, explore more ways to watch SXSW alumni films and episodics while you await 2023 announcements.

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World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2022

When the host of a failing children's science show tries to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut by building a rocket ship in his garage, a series of bizarre events occur that cause him to question his own reality.

Releases in theaters February 24.


World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2022

Jessica lives in fear of a man named Kevin who follows her everywhere she goes. While on a road trip, she reconnects with Elena, an old friend she hasn’t seen since high school. Elena has been hiding out at her deceased grandmother’s ranch in New Mexico. When Kevin mysteriously appears at the ranch, Jessica and Elena seek help from beyond the grave to get rid of him for good. But Kevin is different from other stalkers and won’t move on so easily.

Releases in select theaters January 13 and available on Fandor February 14.

A Lot of Nothing

World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2022

A Lot of Nothing SXSW Alumni

A Lot of Nothing is a wildly entertaining and humorous exploration of what people today do in moments of extreme despair and conflict. Our two main characters, James and Vanessa, seem to be happily married, successful, and comfortable in every way. They are rocked to their core while watching the news one night when they see cell phone footage of their neighbor committing a crime. In a state of shock, and with opposing points of view about how to address the issue, they go on a highly combustible journey to ‘do something.’

In theaters and on demand February 3.

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic

World Premiere, 2023

Follows Jaakko (Petri Poikolainen), a charming Finn who loves movies despite his blindness, and his long-distance phone relationship with Sirpa (Marjaana Maijala). When he hears about her declining health, Jaakko sets out to meet Sirpa in a different city with only the help of strangers to rely upon.

In theaters February 2 and on Fandow March 14.

Good Ol Girl

World Premiere, Documentary Spotlight, 2020

Good Ol Girl is a documentary western following three young cowgirls as they work their way up in the volatile world of Texas cattle ranching. As suburban sprawl swallows historic ranches and big-city jobs take first-born sons away from their homesteads, a young, diverse new generation of women is left standing. Good Ol Girl is deeply personal in context but universal in scope. The three women live in vastly different parts of Texas but face the same question -- Who has the authority to claim an often oppressive legacy when only those who have been overlooked are left to carry it on?

Released on demand February 9.

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Teaser Images: SXSW 2022 Film Jethica

By Olivia Cruz