AI, Immortality and the Future of Selves

At the time of her session, Rothblatt, who had previously been a founder of Sirius satellite radio, headed United Therapeutics and was the highest paid female CEO in the U.S. The subject of her SXSW talk was artificial intelligence and specifically "mind cloning," which included her discussion of the "mind clone" she had built of her wife Bina, known as BINA48. Among other topics, she projected a future in which robots would have constitutional rights and envisioned ways to help ease robots’ potential anxiety about not being human.

Martine Rothblatt

Chairman/CEO, United Therapeutics Corporation.
Martine Rothblatt is the Chairman & CEO of United Therapeutics, a biotechnology company. Previously, she created SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and was its Chairman and CEO. Dr. Rothblatt's inventions transcend information technology and medicine, and most recently include an Alzheimer's Cognitive Enabler that uses mindware to process mindfiles so that a mindclone of a person's consciousness results.

Lisa Miller

Journalist, New York Magazine.
Lisa Miller is a Contributing Editor at New York magazine. She has won the Wilbur Award for religion writing (2008, 2009), the New York Newswomen's Award for feature writing (2014), and last year was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in the features and profiles category for her story about Newtown, Ct., one year after the shooting there.

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