Anthony Bourdain as Interviewed by Nathan Thornburgh at SXSW 2016 [Video]

"Making TV should be fun. It should be a creative expression. It should be fun for me ... and for the really talented, creative people I work with ... Everybody should be pushing it and having a good day at work. Otherwise, there is really no point." – Anthony Bourdain on the importance of making the most of creating good television."

Watch Anthony Bourdain—writer, raconteur, host of CNN’s Parts Unknown—talk about food, his experiences on and off camera, and the future of travel media with Roads & Kingdoms co-founder Nathan Thornburgh, during this Featured Session at SXSW 2016.

Bourdain delves into the process of creating episodes for Parts Unknown and pushing the show beyond the normal formulas for capturing travel and food based television. Global issues, creative collaboration, and cinematographic influences are driving factors for Bourdain in developing the series' unique content. Bourdain goes on to talk about the passion for making the show as genuine as possible and how they purposefully create difficulties in shooting – no retakes, walk-ins or thank you exits – to make the process less artificial.

Thornburgh discusses Bourdain's involvement with Roads & Kingdoms, an independent journal of travel, food and culture. Bourdain defines the lines between the labels "enthusiast" and "journalist," as well as his belief in good content and stories. "I like making stuff – being part of a process where together in congress with other people, we make stuff. It feels good."

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Photo by Greg Noire

By Jordan Roberts