Watch Max Levchin Speak on 2016’s Important Trends

Affirm CEO Max Levchin has an eye for disruptive technologies – throughout his entrepreneurial career, firms he has been associated with have irreversibly altered the business landscape for everything from food reviews to financial services. As with everybody interested in start-up companies and their abilities to innovate and iterate, Max knows the best place to look for emerging ideas that will change our world is at SXSW. It's impossible to not share Levchin's infectious desire to understand the life changing ideas debuted in Austin every year mid-March – after all, big ideas are the foundation of empires, the inspiration behind legends, and, perhaps, the only way to have a truly lasting impact on the world.

Check out the video above, and figure out what Levchin has to say about emerging trends such as how new software replaces older software, regulatory arbitrage, beneficence, and the gray market in the gig economy.

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Photo by Leslie Edwards

By Rion Thompson




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